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20 minutes ago, Miss said:

What is the easiest way to create a window like this



I hope you don't wish to show the nice profiled jambs in your screenshot.

Jamb profiles in VW will always be simple rectangles.

You would need to create your own Window geometry and insert it in the Wall

as a Symbol.


Beside I see a double swing Window with (?) that black grid thing,

don't know the name. Or not sure if it is a framed glazing only.

This can be set up in the Window Settings.

You can show different colors/appearances by assigning different Classes

to Jamb/Sash inner and outer side.


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In UK version it is 'Glazing Bars' not 'Muntins' but it's the same thing.


Should be just a case of setting Vertical Bars to 1 + Horizontal Bars to 4. But I am not sure what Configuration you are using @Miss ('General' tab): is it possible you have it set to 'Hung'? What you want is 'Casement'.

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