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Grade limit not working for path

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I'm having problems with modelling a path. I have grade limits drawn around it but the model still shows vertical edges.




I've done this in a previous model which worked fine but I've had to revise the design and I just can't seem to figure out why it's not working this time.



Thanks in advance!



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Its probably a setting with the site model, and/or something to do with what layer your site modifiers and grade limits are on. 


If your path and grade limits are on a different layer then your site model (which is normal), you need to go intoyour site model settings and make sure it is using those layers as input, or from all layers.



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18 minutes ago, Jeff Prince said:

@Alma Funk I opened your file and did not see anything unusual.  Updating the site model displayed the surface correctly.



update site model.mov 32.33 MB · 0 downloads  



Thanks for having a look, Jeff. Have no idea why it worked for you and not for me -- I spent hours redoing the grade limit / bringing the site modifier or grade limit to the front and many other things to make it work. Eventually I made my path longer and that did the trick for me. It's one of my frustrations with Vectorworks, half of my time spent is essentially trial and error.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Alma,

I opened the file with VW2024, and at first glance it was looking as you reported. I updated the site model in top/plan view, without doing anything else, and the issue seemed to be resolved. Sometimes a simple restart will do, but perhaps there can be differences updating the sitemodel in 3d perspective vs 2d/top plan? I know this simple difference has had affects on send to surface commands in the past for objects, so it might have an impact in this situation.

Not sure why. Still, you shouldn't have to spend hours redoing the grade limit or fussing around.


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