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Renderworks Texture Help



When using renderworks textures and you apply the texture (for example a plywood edge on a desktop) to a multiple filleted shape.

What is the best way to get a texture UV wrapped correctly so all the faces are the correct way up and aligned correctly, when I need a texture just on the edges of a shape not the top and bottom, how do I get it to align all the way around without manually mapping each one. I have included a file that shows the rotation of the UV. In some other programs I can use UV unwrapping or other UV methods to make the texture align correctly but I can't seem to do this quickly within vectorworks within picking every face individually and rotating them.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Sample Fillet renderworks texture.zip

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I do the same as you: as per your last example, apply the texture that occurs on most faces as 'overall' then use Texture Tool to apply overrides to the minority which need to be the second texture. 'Auto-Align Plane' with 'Follow Longest Edge' enabled seems in my case to give best results but not always, then I have to apply additional overrides to correct the faces which are displaying incorrectly. So for example, your last example with the ply overall set to auto-align plane + follow longest edge gives me this:




So four additional face overrides required to correct the rounded corners. I think this is the least amount of work of all the options but yes be great if there was a quicker way! Having said that, until a couple of versions ago when they brought in the Texture Tool you couldn't do any of this at all so despite the work involved it's still welcome functionality despite all the clicking involved...

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41 minutes ago, line-weight said:

You could also choose to model it as per reality, with a plywood core and then a thin laminate layer on top. Then give each object the appropriate texture.


Even then you'd still need to use texture overrides to get the edges looking correct on the core object:


No overrides, Surface UV mapping:



No overrides, Auto-Align Plane mapping, Follow Longest Edge:



I'd love to know how it works in other software + how much easier/quicker it is...

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