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reshape multiple cable vertices


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Hi all,


I have question about reshaping multiple cables. With 3d polygons I can select multiple lines, and use the reshape tool to select multiple vertices and move them all at once. With regular cables  I don't have that option. Would this be possible in any way?

I also tried the cables from AutoplotTools, and these do have the option to select multiple vertices and move them. Would really help me, as I'm in a project with about 300+ cables..


Thanks in advance!




Mark Tober.

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What you want does work.


1) Make sure to use the reshape tool from within the CC Schematics palette. 

(I have no idea how they are different, but they are - click between it and the regular one and watch the options change in the top bar)


2) Then select the circuits you want to change by shift+click on the lines.


3) Then use click and drag in the white space for reshape selection to grab the vertices you want (has the usual options for selecting).


4) Then click/drag any of the selected vertices and they will all move as one.

There are the usual options for moving individuals, faces, etc. in the top bar.

Not the most intuitive workflow... but figured this out after fighting with it yesterday.

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@MT-Lighting The Cable object is part of Spotlight. So maybe your question would be better posted in their part of the forum?

@mwalker_mw It is the same standard Reshape tool in the the Schematics palette. The available modes change according to the objects selected. Some objects have special reshape modes.


Best regards



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Reshaping nothing isn't really possible I think.


When you have nothing selected the tool will select an object if you click on it. And then modes applicable to that object will appear. This is nice because it saves you the trip thru the Select tool and back.



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