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  1. Hi Mark, Not quite sure what the question is here. If you are missing a connector type you can find details of how to do this in this thread https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/68432-did-you-know/ along with a lot of other useful stuff. If I didn't get it, please send me a screenshot or sample .vwx file and a bit more detail about the issue. Conrad
  2. Hello @Rob Sherman In 2021 you can change circuit attributes in the Attributes Palette from Class Style to whatever you like. So it will be easier to support your workflow. Since you have some particular standards in your company I suggest you look into creating some one-line scripts in a palette so you can easily assign circuits as you wish. Conrad
  3. Hey Wade! Good to hear from you man !!! Conrad
  4. Hi Matthais Using Snap to Object is a workaround. Connect should not depend heavily on Snap settings. What was happening is that once a circuit is connected the Connect tool is detecting the Circuit not the Socket. If you send the circuit to the back in the drawing list you will also be able to connect again. In the past few hours our team have already done a fix for this and tested it. Now we have to go thru some procedures to get it released. Thanks again for your super reports! Conrad
  5. Hi Matthias, If you turn on Snap to Object you'll be able to connect. We'll look into this and see what's happening. Conrad
  6. Well actually it is ... what you do is create a new Text Style in the Resource Manager and then go into the Class Editor and edit the class Sys-CircuitNumbers. In the class edit dialog set your new text style as the class text style and all your numbers will follow the new style. There's always a way in ConnectCAD 🙂 Conrad
  7. Hi @t-bud Update Rack Elevation stacks rack-mount devices vertically and non-rack-mount devices horizontally. We haven't made any change to linkage of Equipment Items to Devices in 2021. It is still by name. The relation between Devices and Equipment is many-to-one. You can have more than one device on the schematic that represents parts of a piece of physical equipment. A prime example of this are jackfields, but it's also useful in other cases. So that begs a few questions when it comes to updating. Automating updating between schematic and equipment can be done but it will come at a price. Right now ConnectCAD lets you take workflow shortcuts through "illegal" states. You can copy-paste or duplicate objects fairly freely and then sort it out afterwards. If everything is tied together inside the software we would have to enforce consistency at all times. Not everyone would be happy with that. Many people have come to ConnectCAD after becoming frustrated by the constrained workflows imposed by other software. Best Conrad
  8. Thanks 🙂 Yes, that's where the grid spacing is set. And looks like you're at 1/8 inch. I would give it a try on a new drawing at 1/4 inch. Text goes in point sizes so not every combination of grid spacing and text size looks good. Best Conrad
  9. Ryan, What grid spacing are you using? Looks like 1/8 inch perhaps? I've checked out here using our imperial template (1/4 inch grid) and it looks fine. So I would suggest allowing a bit more space. You can print or pdf the drawing at any size by using viewports on sheet layers, so you don't have to scrunch things up on design layers. We all have times when we get frustrated and for sure everyone working in the entertainment sector is feeling a lot of pressure right now. Venting your frustration here may relieve your feelings. But please remember that we are human too. I and my team here at Vectorworks put in a lot of hard work to constantly improve ConnectCAD. Right now it's 22:40 on a Sunday night and I am spending my time replying to you. It is to say the least de-motivating to have our efforts characterized as a "freaking disaster" and a "mess". As you know very well we are always open to constructive discussion and we do go the extra mile to help every time. I must ask you kindly to avoid these sort of epithets, and please let's stick to the business of getting problems resolved. Yours sincerely Conrad
  10. Hi guys, In 2021 we got this. It's called Connect Selected and it's in the ConnectCAD > Drawing sub-menu. Connects up outputs to input left-to-right in the selection set. Another thing you might not be aware of is the double-click "connect next" function of the Connect Tool. If you create the first circuit and leave it selected and then just double-click with the Connect tool on the next source socket, Connect will go looking for the next destination under the previous one and create the next circuit. Give it a try on a simple situation to see how it works. This exists in 2020. Saves you a lot of time. Conrad
  11. Thanks Ryan, Good to know it's already fixed. Could you do me a favor and let me know the build number in which you saw this? Conrad
  12. Ok understand. With a bit of fiddling about I can work around that. If you Ungroup a device like a term panel you get a symbol and a socket. Delete the symbol and you've got a naked socket. Do that for bunch of term panels. Use Select Similar to help get rid of the symbols. Select all the sockets - change their connectors to RJ11. Cut and paste into a new device. See where I'm going with this? Be nice to number those sockets... so inside our device let's select the sockets, duplicate them (alt-drag) and then change the duplicates to Orientation B, ungroup the duplicates. Now you've got two symbols for each socket. Convert to group and ungroup. Now select the text objects with the numbers and position them above the sockets. Exit the device and save it as a symbol for future use. What I'm getting at here is that ConnectCAD has a lot of "get out of jail" cards. Even if we didn't think of everything there's usually a way. Thanks for looking at the help too 🙂 Hope this helps you get your job done and we'll certainly work on ways to make this faster. Conrad
  13. Sounds a bit like a Circuit report with the columns re-arranged and sorted differently. Let's both have a go at it and see if we can get what you want. I'll send you something to look at in the next day or two. Conrad
  14. Is there any way you could give me a rough sketch of what you want? Conrad
  15. Hi Matthais, Thank you for the report! This will be fixed in a coming service pack. Conrad


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