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  1. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your comments. Regarding custom fields: If you save the document as a template the worksheet customizations are saved too. The menu command Current Layer Device Report simply opens the worksheet with that name and updates it. It first looks for the worksheet named Current Layer Device Report in the template and if it doesn't find it then it will import the worksheet from default content. So you only have to add the columns once. No. 'dev_rec' has one purpose in life - to take values from Device fields and make them visible in the device title symbol as linked text. Are you looking for a way to set the default value of user device fields. We have considered this. Device Builder is already a huge dialog and I do wonder where we would fit all this. It's better than it was - previously you had to re-create your custom fields with every upgrade. Now you just have to copy the CustomParams.txt file to your new installation and your done. You can change the display name of custom fields to suit your wishes. Only the universal names are user1, user2 etc. Hope that helps. Conrad
  2. Hi Matt Please submit this as a bug (with example document). Maybe we can do something to help. Conrad
  3. But I think you are right about the documentation - I'm checking on that. Thanks for posting this!
  4. Hi, That because it got simpler. Use the Backspace key to undo point just like the polyline tool. Conrad
  5. Hey Kelly Thanks for the update. Good to know the system is working. Conrad
  6. Here on the forum it will be quite difficult to resolve this. This sounds like you should call Vectorworks Support and get them to have a look.
  7. Hi Kelly This looks like an old workspace of yours. Have you tried selecting the ConnectCAD workspace supplied with the software? Generally the new SDK-based commands will have different internal IDs from the old Vectorscript. So, if you want to customise the workspace better start again from a copy of the standard one. Let me know if that fixes it. Conrad
  8. Hi Aruk That's a Vectorworks thing. No duplicate names allowed. At least the message tells you that it's a Symbol Definition you need to go looking for. Things are improving! Conrad
  9. Really? It should do. Could you buzz me over the file so I can take a look? Conrad
  10. Hi @jsivonen, Not gone - just re-located. Look for these in the Resource Manager. Select your equipment and use the Text > Size menu to set the size lower. You'll have to set a very low size to see a difference because the object automatically scales text down to fit. But there are limits - if you have an Equipment like this AVERYVERYLONGNAME THEWIDGETCOMPANY BESTWIDGETEVERMADE No amount of fiddling with the font size will get you a good-looking readable result. You might consider using shorter words... Conrad
  11. Hi Noah, You can connect an output to two inputs using two separate circuits. Of course it makes sense to just parallel the two inputs at the destination end. If your installers can't understand what they should do, I guess you could make the amp input 1 an IO type socket and run a local circuit from that to input 2. Would that fix it? Conrad
  12. Hi Thomas, Projectors on your schematic are Device objects. When you have more than one Device with the same Name parameter value ConnectCAD assumes that they all refer to the same physical device in the real world. Equipment objects model real-world physical devices. They are to scale, they have dimensions and geometry. And you can use then in your model. To avoid "double objects" with the Video Screen tool uncheck Show Projector in the Video Screen and put a ConnectCAD Equipment object there instead. A rack elevation doesn't have the information needed to automatically create a schematic. That stuff is in your head. Best Conrad
  13. No, because it would have to be implemented in several places. Yes, I do want to bring this up to date - editing text files is so 90's.
  14. 1) Signal and Connector types added to the Did You Know thread - many people ask this. 2) if you modify the device saved with the same make and model it will be overwritten. 3) For now please do a forum post - separate topic. And I'll get another comms channel open for this. Conrad
  15. You can add Signal and Connector types. Have a look in your user folder under Plug-ins/connectCAD_Data and you'll find the files SignalTypes.txt. and ConnectorTypes.txt. Questions: - Where's the User Folder? Go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences and select the UserFolders tab. You'll see where the user folder is in the dialog. - Those files aren't in there - what now? Add the files attached to this post to get you started. - OK got the files - how do I add my signals etc.? Open the files in a text editor. They are simple tab-separated text and the first row is a header showing what the columns do. Here's a picture. Just add as many rows like this as you need. SignalTypes.txt ConnectorTypes.txt


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