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  1. Hi Matt This one is quite easy to fix - in fact we already did so... what's happening is that the symbols Chuck made have no geometry in the center ( because they are circles ) and they have "fooled" our object detection functions. So, I just fixed that by editing the symbols like Niko did below for Scott. Just add line going thru the center and everything works again. The symbols in question are skt_con_IN, skt_con_IO and skt_con_OUT. Attached a file with the edited symbols. Best regards Conrad SocketSymbols.vwx
  2. Hi Max I have already logged an enhancement request for this. I would like to have this facility IF ... it is an action specifically triggered by the user and the extent and scope of the change to be applied is clear. That said, there are many reasons why ConnectCAD works the way it does. You can re-order the connectors for a specific device instance to un-cross connection lines - clearer drawings You can have only the relevant connectors actually used by the specific device instance - again clearer drawings You can have the same device in two places e.g. a master control switcher can be present on both the audio and video drawings - clarity again No unforeseen consequences - if editing a device edited every instance of that device then you would have to check each instance to be sure of your work These are the reasons why 20 years ago I decided then to represent devices as groups and not symbols ( there are probably a few others too that I haven't remembered yet ). It wasn't the easy way for me - symbols would have been easier. But we would have lost the flexibility that has made ConnectCAD so popular. I'm wondering if Select Similar might allow you to select the Devices you want to change? Then you could make the edit using the Object Info Palette or Attributes etc. Best Conrad
  3. Hi Matt Conrad here - now part of Vectorworks and still going strong! First off, please send me the 2019 file in question so that I and my colleagues can investigate and resolve the issue. You can either post it here or mail it to me at cpreen@vectorworks.net. Second happy to conference with you - these days I'm using Zoom rather than Skype. Send me an email and we'll set that up. I'll be happy to talk thru the latest with you. We have made quite a few changes to integrate better with Vectorworks but it's not as big a leap as it seems. Best Conrad
  4. Hi Max, The Prefix letter can be used in cable numbering formats e.g. S0123 - S for standard def serial digital. Use the %s tag to insert signal type prefix. Conrad
  5. Did you know... that it's not so difficult to migrate your custom fields and their data from ConnectCAD 2018 to 2020? You can do it all using standard ConnectCAD and Vectorworks commands. Here's the how-to. Migrating Custom parameters to ConnectCAD 2020 from ConnectCAD 2018.pdf
  6. Did you know ... that you can edit the Circuit > Cable Length parameter dropdown to have whatever values you want? The default values are loaded for the file /Plug-Ins/connectCAD_Data/CableLengths.txt in the Vectorworks application folder. You can override this by putting a duplicate of the file in the corresponding user folder path and edit the file to your own needs.
  7. Hi @twalker You have a point regarding the connector defaults. I'll give it some thought and get back to you. Custom panels are handled by the Connector Panel Tool. This tool is created to model the situation you describe where you have a bunch of chassis connector mounted on a sheet metal plate. On schematics you use the tool to place the devices that represent your panel connectors and where they go in terms of connectivity. There are two types of Connector Panel device: Input (green) - where the cable of the left has a connector and the cable on the right terminates directly on the chassis connector (type <--) Output (red) - where the cable of the right has a connector and the cable on the left terminates directly on the chassis connector (type -->) And on a layout layer you can model these as Equipment Items. And of course they can be set to standard rack dimensions. There is a how-to article in that talks in more detail about this. Best regards Conrad
  8. Hi Scott, Sounds like the Sys-Circuits-xxx classes are set to invisible in the Viewport on the Sheet Layer. You can have different Class visibilities in Viewports compared to Design Layers. You can even override Class Attributes to change the colors of stuff in Viewports without affecting the Design Layer. Another example of the awesome power of Vectorworks I'm afraid 😉 . I did you a quick step-by-step how-to screenshot. If this doesn't fix it be sure to let me know. Conrad
  9. Hello! Jackfields and term panels don't have a signal type. We have a special signal type --- which denotes a passive device. Circuits are designed to ignore passive devices when they calculate the their signal type. Regarding connector types, which jackfields and term panels are not right for you? Best regards Conrad
  10. Hi James At the moment the number of blocks is not adjustable, but I will make sure we take care of that ASAP. and let you know. Thanks for reaching out. Thank you also for showing me the detail workflow you need for these DIN blocks. This has been added to my plans and I will create a solution for this. Conrad
  11. Hello James I've been looking into the numbering issue that you showed me. In fact it all works as designed but that doesn't mean it's easy to use. Even I had difficulty figuring it out. So, I have put a ToDo item for myself to review the way we define numbering rules and figure out a way to make them easier to understand. To come back to your requirement. To extra the Source Device Name into the Suffix you should leave the match field empty. That way the entire text ends up in the suffix. Then to insert that suffix in the cable number use %1, or %2 for the second suffix. These are in the format help dropdown. Here's a picture of what I mean. This rule creates a cable number <source device name><source socket name>. The rest works as designed though I do see that I can't add a constant number to the #1 and #2 tags. I'll fix that, but it really isn't a showstopper. Finally, I'd also recommend looking the Spotlight Numbering command. This has a lot of powerful options and cane be used with ConnectCAD objects. The approach is very different and complementary to what we do. So you may find stuff in there that helps you out also. Regarding the duplicated objects, I'm still looking into that. I'll post replies here so others can also benefit. Conrad
  12. Hey Scott My bet is that you did the one drawing and then duplicated the layer and used that to make the other drawing. Did I guess right? Unfortunately that doesn't work in ConnectCAD 2018 because nothing tells the duplicate Circuit that it's a new thing and it needs to detect what it's connected to. So like a good (but dumb) computer thing it stayed connected to the devices on the old layer. The good news is that now as part of Vectorworks we have access to way better methods of dealing with all this. So, from now on it's nothing but blue skies 🙂 Best regards Conrad
  13. Hello James, That sounds a bit weird. Can you show me? Skype 'connectcad'. I'm online now. Conrad
  14. Yes, if you just copy-paste between Vectorworks versions, the software does not know that the object came from a previous version. As Niko says opening the original file in VW2020 will update the devices. Conrad
  15. Hi Scott Can you send me the 2019 file? cpreen@vectorworks.net We'll look into the translation issue and get this fixed. Conrad


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