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  1. Hi George, Let me just read that back to you to check. You want to be able to display the value of any record field from the source/destination socket or device as part of the arrow circuit label - correct? This doesn't sound unfeasible for a future version but is definitely not possible now. Right now the Circuit can only display its object parameters and any records attached to it or combinations thereof. Some device and socket params are copied into circuit params at the moment for various reasons but I would say it's always best to go back to the source of the data. Thanks for reaching out. Conrad
  2. Hi Mark Generally speaking ConnectCAD automatically imports any resources it needs so you can use all the tools in any file. One thing to be aware of is that symbols used in schematic elements are scaled to match the current snap grid size. The purpose of this is to allow you to draw schematics using any layer scale, not just 1:1. In the templates the grid is set to 1/4" or 4mm in metric. So if you import resources from the ConnectCAD template they will look good at 1:1 scale with the standard snap grid. That's basically what you need to look out for. Conrad
  3. Here is Niko's Data Manager video tells you how to set up a data mapping so that your custom record is added to every new Device. You can also see examples of this in the ConnectCAD templates. ConnectCAD with Data Manager.mp4
  4. @Thomas_Ok, we located this and I'm posting it to the Did You Know thread which is at least at the top of the list.
  5. Well we do a lot of trying to guess your intentions in this command... and on this occasion it looks like we did not succeed. You see, some people want the existing numeric suffix retained and others want it replaced. In this case the selection set does not have a consistent numeric suffix so one might reasonably assume that the numbers are part of the name. If you can think of a way to figure out the users intention let me know 🙂 And at the end of the day if the command helps out 95% of time I think it's OK and we should not add extra complications. Best Conrad
  6. @Thomas_ One of my peeves at this forum is how hard it is to locate answers that are relevant to your question. Sorry about this but I have a pressing deadline and try as I might I can't find it right now. It is there but I haven't the time to search it out.
  7. Well these are certainly things we discuss and think about. The question comes down to us wanting some devices to have additional special behaviours and how to make the device "understand" that. Naming conventions are one way to do this. I certainly have in mind to handle this a different way but I need to be sure we actually solve the problem and don't just move it around.
  8. Dear @Thomas_ You can attach any record to a socket or a device using the normal Vectorworks procedure. Please check the help for details about creating record formats and attaching to objects. You can also place additional text inside your socket and link it to the attached record fields to display the value. I think there's an artcile on this in the Did You Know section. Finally all this can be automated see Niko's video on the subject. Best Conrad
  9. @pcoleman @cessnaflyer and everyone generally - if you are having a problem you can always call Tech Support and they will guide you through diagnosing it. By all means feel free to report problems here too. But, we can get to a solution a lot quicker if you supply some basic information: What's the problem. What you were doing when the problem happened What you were expecting to happen What actually happened Screen recordings / screen shots are useful A sample file and steps to reproduce the problem are great Information about your system Mac / Win, Vectorworks version etc. Being able to reproduce the problem is key to resolving it. Best Conrad
  10. @TomBass The device database is a tab-separated text file that you can open and edit in a spreadsheet. You will have to get your head around the format. If you create a device in the Device Builder and then look in the folder ConnectCAD_Data in your user path, you will find the file ConnectCAD Devices DB.txt. If you enter data in the same format it will be accessible to the Device Builder and Create Devices from Worksheet. Obviously we can't validate this data so you may break stuff. That is price you have to pay. Regarding user contributions to the database, I very much appreciate your offer. We used to do it that way. Unfortunately not everyone was very careful about the data they entered so it became a bit of a mess. For now we have brought this in-house but of course I realise that we are in a fast-moving industry and we need to keep up. I have some ideas to fix this but they are still under wraps. Conrad
  11. @sbecraft Well, Spotlight Numbering was not designed to handle the particular case. It is a limitation of Spotlight. The destination end of a cross-layer circuit is a proxy object, not the actual circuit object itself. ConnectCAD's own numbering command takes care of this 'cos we know about it. So why not use that instead? Conrad
  12. @CharlesD Again please be patient - we are on the same page believe me!
  13. Dear @CharlesD We are in the process of reviewing and revising the signals, connectors and device data. These are all related so it has to be done in one go. The question of turning off default content has already been discussed at length in another thread. It would have to be all or nothing and I believe would create its own swathe of problems when people who have gone their own way want to work together again. It's that time of year when you all start to bring up matters that we are already tackling but we can't tell you about yet. Please be patient, we are constantly working to improve ConnectCAD. Kind regards Conrad
  14. @CharlesD Not a bug in my opinion. You can select <space> as a delimiter in the dialog. Please tell me if there is a case where this doesn't give you the result you need. Conrad
  15. We are already testing our workflows to support this kind of thing. Conrad
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