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Worksheet to Symbol Text

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I am attempting to have information that I enter in on a worksheet appear in a text box. I believe this has to be done with a symbol, do I need to make a new symbol for each continuous box I'd like under this? I am looking to add up to 96 of these boxes sequentially under each other, and print them out as truss tape.


For example, if I was to put ABCD into the cell to the right of A1 I would like it to replace the ## I have in the Circuit #. How would I go about linking these two things together? 



Thank you!



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Yes you can.


Make a record format with a field for each piece of data you want to include.


In the Resource Manager attach that record to the symbol.


In the symbol put in dummy text then Tools>Records>Link Text to Record and pick the record and field for that text.


I'll attach an example.  And a link to Sam Jones' tool where he has already figured this out 🙂



Link Text To Record.vwx

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The basic part of your request, is achieved as Michael shows with the link text to record.  This requires that the symbol have a record attached.  You can attach the record to the symbol and then place pieces of text that you link to the record fields using the "Link Text to Record" command.  How you edit the field values of the record is up to you.  You can use the worksheet database of the attached record or you can go to a symbol and edit the record fields in the Data Pane.  Use whichever method suits you at any time.


The AutoPlot tools use this functionality a lot.  Its most obvious use in the tools are the "Make Truss Tape" command and the "Print Labels" & "Print Labels from Worksheet" commands, but there are many other commands that use the functionality to achieve different things.


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