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"Caching Graphics" slow down - it's miserable




I have a pretty zippy m1Max macbook pro, but I am experiencing issues in v2023 and v2024 when editing my viewport crops and sheet layers.

My document has 3 XREFs, and when I work my sheet layer viewports, Editing the crop, adjusting the rectangle, and exiting the crop each take several minutes.

My productivity is minimal and I am absolutely miserable working on these crops.

This is a fully 2D document.


Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice on improvement?

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I had been struggling with severe slowness in one file as well. It seemed to start like a switch was flipped once the file got to a certain size or perhaps it was some other factor. However, after reading this string, I tried to disable VectorCaching in the preferences, and the difference is night and day. I can fly through this file again with no trouble.

Preferences says to turn on VectorCahcing to speed drawing with a warning that it requires more RAM...I have RAM to spare but the VectrorCaching was slowing things to the point I could catch a nap between notations in my viewports.

No idea how the caching is supposed to help, but I wish I would have thought to try to shut it off sooner. 

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