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New Cabinets Tool



Hey there! I recently upgraded to VW 2024 v2, mainly because I was excited about the dynamic cabinets tool showcased in the videos. However, I've noticed that my settings window looks quite different from the one demonstrated in the guides. Oddly, I seem to have fewer options compared to the previous versions, and just so you know, I still have the interiorcad tool from VW 2022 installed. Any thoughts on what might be causing this discrepancy? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

Screenshot 2023-11-22 170556.png

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I removed the legacy custom cabinet tool in my workspace.


Opened up VW App and dumped the legacy and custom cabinets in Library - Interiors.

Restarted VW.


Still getting this prompt when opening up a file with old cabinets in it (and trying to use new 2024 cabinet tool):




What else is needed, or where can I find "Folder in current document" and remove legacy cabinets and/or rename it etc?



In an new document, the Cabinet tool works fine.


(Note: separate issue is that Cabinet tool visualization does not feature a plan view of the cabinet with the cabinet front showing - so you can tell if the cabinet is facing the right direction. The dialog for 2D and show drawer front seems to think that one wants to see a drawer pulled out like in that option for 3D (which is unchecked), and so you get a simple 2D rectangle with with another rectangle showing the drawer pulled out a foot or so.) You can class the toe kick so it is graphically useful for that, but not what we would rather see in our plans.

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