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Export Unreal Datasmith



Create a project in Vectorworks then transfer it via Datasmith export.
Open the Unreal Engine and import the Datasmith project, then set the materials in Unreal Gloss Bump etc..
If I now make changes in Vectorworks and create the project again via Datasmith export and then in Unreal import the file geometry and material it overwrites all preset materials!!!!!!
It should not recreate the preset materials and only create the new geometry and material objects.
However, if you import into Unreal with Geometry only, the preset materials remain as they should be, but for new geometry from Vectorworks, it only creates a blank geometry!
Also work with the Cinema 4D export there it behaves so if you have created a project you set in Cinema the materials then you make changes in Vectorworks and export it again in Cinema export update now you select only geometry and it automatically creates new geometries and textures that were newly created in Vectorworks and leaves the old materials as they were!

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I am a bit more familiar with Twinmotion than UE.


When you updated your Datasmith export, usually there are two options,

reload and synchronize. AFAIK that is available in both.

And yes, it is a bit hidden in Twinmotion.

You have to hover your cursor above the file icon before the

synchronize wheel Icon appears.


By synchronizing UE should keep your Material edits.

If you already do so but that does still not work, it would be a bug.


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there seem to be a lot of changes since I was there last time ....


All I assume is that the Synchronize Wheel Icon would appear if the

Datasmith file had been updated or that an automatic warning comes

that the File was updated ....


I even do no more find the previous setup in Twinmotion ....


I even just don't get the difference between Reimport and Reimport

from new file, or which is appropriate for a "Synch" ....



It has been a while but after a few Datasmith Exchange iterations

in VW I tested and it worked finally lossless at that time for a small test.

But meanwhile I read some other comments that it may still not be 100%


In that case and if you have a demo file to reproduce, it would be good

to file a Support Request.

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Hi, I am also experiencing the same problem with Datasmith as Wohnraumdesign.


I am using Datasmith to update my Vectorworks CAD files in Twinmotion and each time I update the file all the materials that I have applied in Twinmotion are overwritten by the older Vectorworks materials. 


Is there somewhere where we can choose not to import Vectorworks materials, or not to update materials in the Twinmotion document.


Thanks in advance


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