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Why do my faucet symbols keep moving down to the floor?

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Everyone in our office seems to have this problem. We insert a 3D faucet or shower head symbol, move it to our desired height, only to find it back on the floor later. We've tried locking them, but they still move. It's been happening for years, through multiple versions of VW. Any thoughts about how we can prevent this?




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Any idea of trigger? Eg CPU reboot, or vwx restart, or file close/open? Or save view toggle? Or???


Is there some 2d object in the 3d component of the symbol that causes regression to layer plane? Eg a 2d Locus?

Does object behave properly if symbol is converted to group? Or to group, then Add Solid? Or then convert to Generic Solid?


Post a sample for forum testing?


Rather annoying for bathing if shower head at or below shower deck!



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Take a look a the symbol options.  A lot of symbols have "Story Aware" checked.  Usually it's looking for a story definition of a finish floor height.  If that's the case and you're not using stories, try unchecking that so the symbol doesn't go looking for stories.

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Thanks for those ideas @michaelk and @Benson Shaw. The symbols that I moved back up last week remained where I put them all weekend and upon restarting the computer this morning. They did have "Story-aware" checked on. I checked that off. (We are not using Stories). I will continue to watch for this check box, as well as look for 2D geometry inside the symbols, although I hope that symbols that we pull from VW Libraries would be vetted for compatibility.


Regarding posting a file, I'll wait to see if I find a file where the problem is easily and constantly repeated.




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