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  1. However, changing the Attribute Class under Advanced properties appears to have resolved the issue. BTW, I am using VW2022. Ed
  2. I'm still having this problem in November of '22. Setting the Detail Level to "Low" no longer helps. Ed
  3. I didn't know it was possible to edit the symbol in the active file. In any case, I just had success by creating a new symbol in the Custom Leaves file. I converted my preferred door symbol to a group, then made a new symbol from that. Now my glass changes are appearing in my project file. I don't know why that was necessary, but it worked. Thank you all for the help. Ed
  4. Yes. I've tried removing the blue color, using the WD-Glass class (just like all other windows), and even deleting the glass panel altogether. I wonder if I'm editing the wrong symbol in the wrong file. Is the correct directory path on a Mac: Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2022/Defaults/Door-Custom Leaves ? If I edit the remote door symbol, what do I have to do to get the active file to update that symbol? Re-open the file? Restart VW? Thanks for persevering with me on this. It seems like it should be simple. Ed
  5. I'm also working in 2022. That's not the door I'm using. I did change that color in the door symbol that I'm using ("Leaf Craftsman 2 Ed's Edit"). Take a look into that door symbol also. I even deleted the glass panel altogether, and the blue color remained. Thanks again Pat. Apologies if I'm missing something. Ed
  6. Thanks Pat. Here's a file with just that wall of the house, including the door. I also added the Custom Leaves file.Custom Door Test File.vwx Ed Custom Leaves.vwx
  7. Wow Pat. I think I've tried all that. The glass appears the way I want within the Custom Leaves file. It’s only when I go back to the target file that I see the blue color. I even deleted the glass panel in the door symbol but the blue color remains in the target file. Is it correct that I should editing the door symbol in separate file (Custom Leaves)? I can send you a file if you have time to look at it. Ed
  8. I reviewed the previous posts on Custom Door Hardware Textures, and I can't tell if this question was answered there. I am just trying to get rid of the blue color of the glass that appears in this custom leaf. I've tried assigning a class within the 3D symbol definition. I've even deleted the glass panel in that definition but the color still appears. My edits to the 3D shape of this wood panel are appearing. Any thoughts would be appreciated. See attached image. Thanks, Ed
  9. Thank you Allan. That's exactly what I was looking for. Ed
  10. I tried Vectorworks Viewer. It also does not really provide a "read-only" file. It allows me to move and delete objects in the file as much as I want; it just won't save the changes when I close the file. What I was hoping to find was a method of viewing files in a locked mode, so it would not allow me to change anything, while I'm looking at it. I wish Viewer was really just a viewing application that contained no editing tools at all. Thanks for the ideas Pat. Ed
  11. Thank you Pat. You mentioned that VW does not have a read-only mode. I was thinking that the Mac OS Permission settings should be able to put any file into that mode. For example, when I set a Microsoft Word file to read-only (in the OS), the file opens but will not allow me to edit anything. Perhaps the software application must also have a read-only mode built in. I've been locking everything in my reference file as you suggested. Yes, it's pretty easy to lock all the building geometry. But then there's all the viewport annotation, so I also kinda need to lock all the VPs. I had not tried VW Viewer app. That might be the best. Thank you! Ed
  12. When I use the Finder (in the Mac OS) to make a Vectorworks file Read-Only, that file cannot actually be opened. Instead, I get the option of opening a copy of the file. I often want to have two different versions of the same VW file open, one for reference, while I’m editing the other (active) file. But I have to be careful to avoid editing the reference file, since it looks nearly identical to the active file. The copy of the reference file that opens can be edited and saved. Shouldn’t we be able to open a VW file for reading only, and get an error message if we accidentally try to edit it? Is it possible that this OS "permissions" setting does not work correctly with VW files? Is there a setting within VW that affects this? Thanks, Ed
  13. It was a brief and fleeting problem yesterday, but has returned again today. In the same file, if I select several VPs (some elevation VPs and some section VPs) just after opening the file, the rendering goes on too long. The Mac OS says the Vectorworks is "not responding". However if I update those VPs individually then the problem seems to be resolved. After that I am able to update multiple VPs. (It only takes a few seconds). That's my work-around for now.
  14. I spent the whole day working in the same file with no subsequent problems. I am again able to update multiple VPs simultaneously. Whatever it was, it was a brief and fleeting problem.
  15. I also experienced some trouble just after installing SP4 on my MacBook Pro this morning. Attempting to update multiple VPs resulted in waiting so long I forced VW to quit. These VPs would normally update in a few seconds. This happened twice. Then, on the third attempt I got a blue screen and the Mac restarted it self. Now, I am updating one VP at a time and I'm not currently having problems.
  16. Usually, when I place a working plane, objects I am drawing appear on that plane, but not always. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong if objects appear on a different plane, even when the working plane is visible? Today I've seen the objects appear on a recent, previous, working plane instead of the one that's highlighted. How do make the active working plane really active? Please see attached screen shot. Thank you! Ed Working Plane Confusion.pdf
  17. We're using 2021 MacBook Pros with a second, larger monitor where we do most of our drawing. It seems that each time I open the line styles palette (from the Attributes Palette) it's located a little further to the left (on the large display), until I eventually can't see or select all the line styles. So far, I'm using a workaround suggested in the thread called Missing Resource Browser from 2006. That solution requires that I set the displays to mirror, then change the resolution to make everything smaller. Then I can see all the palettes entirely and reposition them. Then, of course, the problem repeats over the next several weeks. See attached screen shot. Does anyone have a better solution to this? Thank you! Ed
  18. Hi. I am wondering if textures that have a surface hatch can display that hatch in Top/Plan view. What I'm seeing so far are textures whose hatch only appears in hidden line render mode. I'd like to be able to apply a texture to a floor object that looks like tile in 3D views and displays a simple line hatch in plan that also look like tile. Can a texture do this? Thanks, Ed
  19. Thanks @Wes Gardner. The Beginner video about Data Tags mentions that, for now, the traditional door and window tags are still available. It sounds like we'll be encouraged or forced to adopt the new Data Tags at some point in the future. I'll start learning how to use them. Ed
  20. I have the same (or similar) question for ID bubbles in elevation VPs. It seems that a fill will appear in the bubbles in design layers. However, in elevation VPs the window numbers have a fill but not the bubbles. Can we get the bubbles to display a fill? See attached screen shots. Thanks Ed
  21. I see that Activate Layer and Activate Class are not working for me from the context menus in VW 2022. Ed
  22. Thanks again. I am still using this method (in March, '22). Since getting the new MacBook Pro a few months ago, I've twice had the pop-up pallet for changing line weights / style move far enough off-screen that I need to use this method to get it back. Today the problem occurred just after I edited my workspace. Ed
  23. I just noticed that if I uncheck "Enable mouse wheel zooms" in VW Preferences then I can use the track pad on my new MacBook Pro, at least in VW2022. Two fingers work for panning. A pinching gesture works for zooming. Hopefully this will work for other MacBook users. Ed
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