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Hoist data labels

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In VW2023, how do you control the display of the hoist data labels?  In the Legacy Hoist tool, there was a "Set Hoist Data Display" option at the bottom of the OIP that allowed you to select which fields you would like displayed.  This option no longer exists with the regular Hoist tool so how do you setup the hoist data labels?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There are a number of Hoist data tags in the annotations>entertainment folder of the Vectorworks library.
Double clicking on one will activate the insertion tool.

You can add tags as labels to hoists on the design layer or in viewport annotations. The nice thing about using them in viewport annotations is that each viewport can have different tags on your hoists without needing to edit class and layer visibility or your design.

You can also customise the data tags from the library

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