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Interior Elevations



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There are two ways that I know of:

1) If you have a 3d model: use the command "cut 3d section", drawing the section line right in front of and facing the wall. Remember that a cut section (in VW's) is a frozen moment in time and will not dynamically update. Also, in my opinion, you will need to graphically enhance the resulting image by tracing over it, or by converting to poly's, ungropuping, then modifying the poly's. The second method (below) may be faster and better...

2) Draw it!


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I'm dreaming here but wouldn't it be GREAT if you could place a 3D poly through the model and use it as a viewport? That way it would update, you wouldnt get the clunky slice of lines, polys etc. that are SO cumbersome. You could add detail through annotations, make multiple copies with different scales.

Cutting sections is one of the things that VW does badly and needs some serious looking at. It is pretty unusable in its present form. As an interior (shop) designer this problem presents dayly.

I have no idea how practical my idea is, I just think viewports are a new way of looking at the problem as you are not creating a new object, increasing file size, just looking at an existing object dynamically.

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