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  1. No response...... DARN. Let me elaborate. I want to know how VectorWorks determines what objects in my model (as in slabs, roof planes, cabinets, closet poles, walls, etc.) are "Structural" and "Nonstructural."
  2. I agree. Prior to VW2008, this tool worked near flawlessly.
  3. If I do not convert all symbols and PIO's then everything scales the same. If I do not, some PIO's are pasted at the correct size and everything else is too small. The factor is exactly 1000. We have tried converting to groups and ungrouping (exploding) and also have tried exporting without doing this. Nothing seems to change what we are experiencing. We even tried changing the units from Meters to Millimeters. Did not effect what we are experiencing what so ever. I can't post a screen shot but basically everything that is pasted is 1000 times too small. I think it is a setting in the AutoCAD file or session...... the AutoCAD guys say it is my file. I think it is the AutoCAD settings or setting in the AutoCAD file that they are pasting into because when they open my DWG file in AutoCAD, everything is the correct scale and size.
  4. I am having similar troubles. THe Reconcile Notes does not work as effortlessly as it used to. Kind of defeats the purpose. Unless I need to update the notes or the database or something. The database was created with either VW11 or VW12.
  5. I have read through all the threads of DWG exporting from VW2008 and have not found the solution to my problem. I am exporting from VW2008 on a Mac and handing the DWG file off to the people I am freelancing for. Their are a few problems like text generated from PIO's such as the callout tool or the elevation benchmark tool being rotated or upside down or in the wrong place or a combination of these. But the bigger problem is that when they open my drawing, everything looks fine (if I convert to groups and un-group EVERYTHING), but when they copy from my DWG file and then paste into their DWG file, everything comes in the wrong size. My units are set to the same units they are using. My DWG file has the same units as their DWG file. I even set my design layer to 1:1 scale hoping that this might fix the problem. It did not.
  6. OK, that's not what I was looking for. I'm talking about the setting in the Advanced Properties of a Section Viewport; on the Attributes Tab; the checkbox for "Create Structural and Nonstructural Groups" As I explained, I know what this is and what it does and what the results are. What I want to know is how VectorWorks determines what is "Structural" and what is "Nonstructural."
  7. Thank you. I am downloading the PodCast as I type this. However, I am already getting the results that I want. I just wanted to know how VectorWorks determines what is "Structural" and what is "Nonstructural." Hopefully this will be explained in the PodCast. I'll post again if my question doesn't get answered there. Thank you again!
  8. OK, thanks. But it seems like over the years that everything gets set back to 0 and you have to set up a new account if you don't stay active or the system gets an overhaul. But thank you!
  9. Why does it say "Greenhorn" under my name next to my post? I know what Greenhorn means. I have been using Vectorworks since 1990. I am certainly no greenhorn. What gives?
  10. Section Viewport; Advanced Properties; Attributes; Create Structural and Nonstructural Groups. I know what this is and what it does and what the results are. What I want to know is how VectorWorks determines what is "Structural" and what is "Nonstructural." And can I modify this to get the look I want?
  11. I know, but I don't like the way the boomerang works. I like they way it used to work. Why can't we have it both ways? Or go back to the better, easier way? Less keys and fingers needed.
  12. I am also having this problem. Along with disappearing section lines. Updateing the viewport does not bring the image back, either.
  13. I have a problem when I create a section viewport. The viewport gets created just fine. I can fine tune the look of the section line in the design layer or viewport from whence the section viewport came. But after I update the viewport, the section line that is generating the Section Viewport disappears forever. Yes, all classes are set to visible. This happens no matter where I create the section viewport from (Design Layer or Annotations). Is anyone else having this trouble? Can anyone please help? Thank you!
  14. It would be nice to bae able to set different textures (or tha same texture) to different surfaces of "slabs" made with the FLOOR command. Much like you can with walls. Example, it would be nice if the FLOORs could have a concrete texture on the edges and bottom as well as the top surface... like for a parking structure. If I use an extruded object for my "slabs" they do not display fills or hatches or solid colors in PLAN view. That would also be nice to have... 3-D extrudes, polygons, etc display fills in Plan view.
  15. Thank you. I will try the suggestions and let you know how it goes.


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