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Converting VWX to dwg file

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Hello everyone, 


I have a .VWX file which I would like to convert to .dwg. Unfortunately, I do not have a. Vectorworks subscription and I did not succeed in finding any way to covert my file to .dwg without the software. Is there any here who could help me out? I could send the file over via email. 


Thanks a lot in advance!



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1 hour ago, Agron said:

Hello @michaelk,
I hope I am not disturbing you.
If you could convert this VWX to DWG for me, would be very helpful. 🙂


Thank you in advance!

 EG_Atelier (1).vwx EG_Atelier (1).rar 22.71 MB · 0 downloads


Stepping in here -- unfortunately I tried to open this file for you and I'm given the warning that "This file was saved in the student edition of Vectorworks. Files saved in the student edition cannot be opened in the professional edition."


Maybe the student edition can export to DWG and another student will be able to assist you? I don't know.

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