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More on Rendering of Custom Door Leaves

Ed Wachter

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I reviewed the previous posts on Custom Door Hardware Textures, and I can't tell if this question was answered there. I am just trying to get rid of the blue color of the glass that appears in this custom leaf. I've tried assigning a class within the 3D symbol definition. I've even deleted the glass panel in that definition but the color still appears. My edits to the 3D shape of this wood panel are appearing. Any thoughts would be appreciated. See attached image.





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Edit the Custom Leaf symbol and check what texture is being applied to the glass.  By bet is the glass objects are either have their texture set to something with a blue to it or are in a class that is set to use a blue texture.  Figure out which one and then change the texture appropriately.


The best option would probably be to put the glass objects into the same class as the panes in the other windows and then set it to Use Class Texture.


Also, make sure that the Fill for the glass objects is set to white and not blue.

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Wow Pat. I think I've tried all that. The glass appears the way I want within the Custom Leaves file. It’s only when I go back to the target file that I see the blue color. I even deleted the glass panel in the door symbol but the blue color remains in the target file. Is it correct that I should editing the door symbol in separate file (Custom Leaves)?


I can send you a file if you have time to look at it.



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I'm also working in 2022. That's not the door I'm using. I did change that color in the door symbol that I'm using ("Leaf Craftsman 2 Ed's Edit"). Take a look into that door symbol also. I even deleted the glass panel altogether, and the blue color remained.


Thanks again Pat. Apologies if I'm missing something.



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Hi Ed,


The glass in the "Leaf Craftsman 2 Ed's Edit" symbol is using Glass Frosted Green.  


If you change the texture in the Glass-WD class to jus Glass Frosted does that remove the blue color?


Are you other windows using the Glass-WD Class? Because if they are and the texture is By Class then they should all be the same.


It still looks to my like you had a solid blue fill on the glass object in the symbol, but I am not seeing it now.


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Yes. I've tried removing the blue color, using the WD-Glass class (just like all other windows), and even deleting the glass panel altogether. I wonder if I'm editing the wrong symbol in the wrong file. Is the correct directory path on a Mac: Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2022/Defaults/Door-Custom Leaves ? 


If I edit the remote door symbol, what do I have to do to get the active file to update that symbol? Re-open the file? Restart VW?


Thanks for persevering with me on this. It seems like it should be simple.



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You should edit the custom leaf symbol in the active file, then save it to the user file if you want the change to be permanent + affect all future uses of that symbol. Or the way you've done it you need to import the version in the user file into the active file + tell VW you want to replace one for the other.

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I didn't know it was possible to edit the symbol in the active file.


In any case, I just had success by creating a new symbol in the Custom Leaves file. I converted my preferred door symbol to a group, then made a new symbol from that. Now my glass changes are appearing in my project file. I don't know why that was necessary, but it worked.


Thank you all for the help.


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