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Project Sharing By-Face Textures



Hi all!


I’ve noticed this couple of times now that in a VW2022 project sharing file. At times when another user uses a By Face Texture, I import the changes and the By Face Texture doesn’t show in the model. The OIP shows that the override is there, but it’s not visually showing in the model or renderings. I can add an override to the face myself, but this adds the one my partner added in the OIP and just makes the face show properly.


Anybody else having this issue or know a solve?



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Hi @pfalvi, at least for the sake of narrowing down the cause, can you please try restarting Vectorworks then see if the by-face texture shows up. In the following fashion:

  1. Quit Vectorworks.
  2. When Vectorworks has finished quitting, wait 10 seconds.
  3. Open Vectorworks again.

If the issue persists, try restarting your computer as well - unless your colleague has experienced the same problem as you


While this is the kind of behaviour more likely to be a bug than due to some conditions particular to your installation or your files, the next appropriate step before making a bug submit is to verify if this issue is particular to the file/s in question. As you probably start projects from a template that needs to be ruled out as well. The method to do that is:

  1. Go: File > New… > Create blank document.
  2. Create the required objects and assign textures to a face/faces. 
  3. Convert the file to a Project Sharing file and put it in the usual place. 
  4. Open the project sharing file to create your working file and look to see if the texture appears on the applicable face/s. 
  5. If it does, have your colleague open the project sharing file to create their own working file, create new objects and apply textures to faces. Then Save and Commit. 
  6. You open their test file and see if the issue occurs within this. - If it does, it's a almost certainly a bug and not specific to your files. Submit the bug here
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