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  1. I was playing with cable tools today, but I had some troubles. Is there a way to show a list of the errors? If I put in some lighting units, but then swap them to units with other connectors, I'd love to see that my stagepin cable won't work anymore in some way. How can I update the voltage or wattage in the Power Information for my lighting units? It seems like it's defaulting to 1000w and 230v for every unit, and a Mac Encore defaulted to using an Edison connector. How can I see a count adapters in the drawing? I'm particularly thinking about adapters that are automatically added, but I'd love to be able to see a count of all electrical components- Cables, breakouts, distros, etc. I'd be curious to know more about best practices for cable paths. I'll go rewatch the VW University video on it now, but I wish there was a video of a whole workflow of a process, since I haven't dealt with these tools much. Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. Just an update for those interested- Cloud Publish from Working Files is working now! That cut a bunch of unnecessary steps out of my process, so thanks!
  3. Hi all, I've started having this error when trying to create a schematic view of a boom. "Schematic views cannot be pasted without the model object they are based on," and then doesn't create the view. It started happening with the most recent service pack (2022 SP3.1), but I'm not certain that it happened right at that point. I've also created new blank files and had the same result. Is this happening to anyone else? I'm on Windows 11, VW2022 SP3.1. Thanks!
  4. Huh, interesting @DBLD. Thanks for the advice! That's working for me for the time being. Hope that gets fixed sometime!
  5. Hi all, I'm having an issue with a section viewport. When I render it, some of my lighting devices show in plan view, while the majority show in the right direction. See the attached photo. Any advice? Windows 11, VW2022 SP2.1 Thanks! Peter
  6. This didn't work for me- I can't make the rotation field appear at all. Any other thoughts out there? I'm on a Windows 11 machine, SP2.1. Thanks!
  7. Sorry I was unclear- I'm suggesting an update to the Auto Processing feature on cloud.vectorworks.net. I can make a task to generate a 3D model or a PDF, but I'd love for this to be able to look at publish sets I have in drawings and set these to Auto Process (which would then include the Images and settings I have set in those Sets), not just cloud publish from Vectorworks. Does that help? Happy to explain further if I'm still unclear.
  8. I'd love to have an option in the Auto Process feature of Cloud Services to auto publish saved sets in my files- I do a lot of publishing to Images, and having auto publishing possible for those would be really great. I have several saved sets per file that I'd love to auto publish to images when changes are made in those sets specifically.
  9. I love cloud publishing, it saves me a lot of time and helps my computer move along much more quickly. However, I wish that the cloud publishing feature would update each sheet as it completes them. If I set up 15 sheets (PDFs, JPEGs, etc), when the first one is finished, I'd like to see it in the Dropbox folder, so that even if all 15 don't finish in the time I need, I could have, say, the first 13. Or even the first 5. It would help me check the quality when time is too short to do a first single test render (which is my general default, but can't always happen), and would give me as much as possible to present when I don't know if the whole thing will finish in time. Thank you!
  10. I'd love to be able to use Cloud Publishing from my project files directly, instead of saving a copy as a new file, opening that, and then Cloud publishing from there. When the files are large, it take a bit of time to open it all and slows down my publishing, and therefore my workflow. Thanks!
  11. I'd love to be able to include a fixture mode in my Instrument Summary, so that as I update my build list I don't have to continually move my added text. I acknowledge that not everyone will have a standard mode per show, but this would give us a starting place, and I generally only have one mode per instrument per drawing. Thanks!
  12. Wow, thanks everyone! This was really helpful. I combined a few things you all pointed out, and came up with this: I got a little silly with it- I made a nurbs curve that was the outer ring (I know my Z-Heights are a little off...), and then drew a line tangential to the center circle. Extruded a little rectangle along that path, and then duplicate arrayed that around the circle. And then spent quite a while adjusting the end points of the Extrude Along Path to connect to the Z height to the outer nurbs curve. Things that didn't totally work- none of the bars are curved, so they all cut right through each other. Still some work to do, but partway there! I did try to use a texture, but couldn't find one that fit exactly what I wanted it to look like. Thanks again, all. Privileged to have this forum.
  13. Hi all, I'm trying to model this lamp for a client, and was wondering if anyone had any brilliant ideas of how to create the outside portion. I've been thinking about Deform Tool, Surface Array, and Marionette, but I haven't gotten to any perfect options yet. The trick that's messing with my brain is the radial spoke-style repetition. NURBS curves don't seem like the best idea because all of the pieces are essentially straight. I've been trying to think if there's a way to tell the program to connect rectangles from an interior NURBS curve to an exterior one, on the tangent in some way... I also understand that my best option may just be to draw all of the spokes. I'm partially treating it as an exercise for myself to expand out of the basic functions and learn more about advanced modeling techniques. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!
  14. @markdd Have we seen any updates with this issue? It happened in a drawing for me the other day, which is really preventing me from adopting schematic views…
  15. Hi all, I exported a couple of walk-through videos the other day, and all of my reflection was shiny as glass, even with blurriness turned on in the rendering style (tried with multiple rendering styles) and blur on in the texture. I checked it against a render on a viewport with the same renderworks style, and the blurriness worked there. Any thoughts? Is it just getting rid of it because it's so expensive for the renders? Thanks! Peter Windows 10, Vectorworks 2020 v3.1
  16. Hi Mark, Thanks for the quick response! I'm still having trouble making it work. I've attached a simple file I was playing with- I have a boom that I made into a CPMV Viewport with a light on it, and am getting no output. When I duplicate the same light out of the definition layer, it turns on fine. No rush, but if you have a moment to take a look at it, I'd appreciate it! Peter PMV Tests.vwx
  17. Hi all! I've been having trouble with one aspect of Plot and Model View. I finally figured out how to use it properly this year thanks to @markdd's awesome webinar about rendering. The thing I can't make work right now is rendering with the lights in the PMV Viewport on. The lights on the boom in the definition layer turn on, but they hit the exterior wall of the theatre. Anyone have thoughts? Thanks!
  18. I spoke too soon. I saw that it booted fully and showed me my workspace, and thought it worked. I tried to open a file today, and it got as ar as opening the file then freezing and going black. Now I'm not sure what's wrong. Any thoughts, Jim? Or anyone else?
  19. Thanks so much, Jim! This is exactly what I needed and all is well now. All the best, Peter
  20. Hi Jim, Here's the file you asked for! Thanks for being willing to help! Peter DxDiag.txt
  21. When I doubleclick the shortcut to open VW 2018, it seems to load right up until the point I would use it, and then crashes and I receive the attached error. It does show up with my serial number and looks like it's going to open, but it doesn't work. It's even tried opening a file, giving me the file name in the tab on the upper left, but then crashes. The most recent one even showed me the font remapping window and waited, until I agreed to the remapping it was suggesting, then it quit. Does anyone have any thoughts? Background: my other laptop broke so I just purchased a new one (HP Spectre x360 15, 2017 model, Windows 10), and tried to load everything on it. All files were opening on the old one yesterday. Same files on the new one, no luck. I just downloaded the newest release of VW2018.
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