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Insert Connections Failing

Mark Aceto

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The 2' pipe is a truss object. Should I just use a regular pipe object? Is that a thing now in 2023? It's just a placeholder for clamps, so I could care less what the object/symbol is.


What appears to be happening is the connection is auto-connecting to nothing because truss objects are set to autoconnect at their centerline.


I was able to force most of the to connect to the chords when offsetting the insertion Z but that also had fail points.


What the heck is going on?



Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 11.55.41.png

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Nope, same thing happens with pipe.

For context, as soon as the first one fails, it stops the calc. If I delete that pipe, the red flag will move the next pipe.


I hate to say it but at what point (pardon the pun) will I get reimbursed for the DAYS of beta testing Braceworks while my producer misses deadlines?



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I think what you're describing is a MAJOR problem with truss and gear. The center connection is insane and has NOTHING to do with real life. With Vectorworks Truss object, I can add hanging positions inside or coincident to the chords. Then I can add lights, speakers, whatever to those poisiiktns. So the clamp on a device would find the connection, but it won't be connected to the truss and will not be calculated in Braceworks. There is no reasonable way that I know of to use any or all of the cords of a truss to hang gear in Braceworks.

So, I imagine that's where your clamps are going; to the mystery Braceworks space. 

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I'm the biggest defender of BW but I've also lost immeasurable time and energy fighting with it to accomplish the simplest systems.


If it's just hanging truss from motors, it's green lights all day.


However, as soon as I move to a ground supported installation, welcome to workaround city.


The main issue with this system is that the design team has sistered Unistrut to the truss it's hanging from. Hence the perpendicular pipe connection. I honestly feel like I'm missing something super obvious because it can't possibly be this bad.

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13 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

The center connection is insane and has NOTHING to do with real life.


What's also making me suspect this is that Insert Connection tool / functionality includes drops which are also (very logically) centered. They could be a dead hang or a motor, attach to pick or sling (also obviously centered)...


The only way I can force the pipe to attach to both chords is by juking the insertion point, which is totally fine because I'm using it to replace clamps attached to each chord but for some reason it won't attach to both chords on the perimeter truss (again, I wouldn't have to do this if Insert Connection could sister truss):





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