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Found 5 results

  1. We'd like some plinth configuration options for the stair object. In the real world this is typically what the base of a concrete stair will look like at the bottom of a ground floor flight (the yellow hatch is insulation with a floating screed on top): Currently the stair tool can only manage to do this:
  2. Any idea why my stair is doing this and how to fix it?
  3. Following the Bricscad conference tweets I noticed two things of their BIM presentation that I think most of us, not just architects, might want to have implemented in Vectorworks: Tweet 1: " Cool new Window creator tool. Draw a rectangle and convert it into a 3d parametric BIM window in V18 " Tweet 2 (following tweet 1): " Wait! V18 BricsCAD Windows need not be rectangular only. Offset any geometry and create parametric window in 3D " And to add insult to injury: Tweet 3: " Long awaited tool! A staircase can now be placed in seconds and is fully 3d parametric " Please don't tell me I have to consider exporting my structure to DWG, import it in B-thing as @zoomercalls it, create my (simple) stair in seconds, import it into VW and if levels of the structure change adjust in seconds in B-thing and re-import to VW instead of wrestling with the VW stair tool. Now not only Archicad has a stair tool that works better than VW's one, but even a dwg based program can now more easily produce a proper and editable stair than VW. Please do make updating the stair tool to a more productive level a priority for VW2019, it is starting to look more and more outdated and dysfunctional by now. (and add that stair tool in Landmark as well, not just Architect).
  4. How would you go about modelling this stair in VW with the stair tool?
  5. Dom9362

    Stair Tool - Help

    Can anyone help me with the stair tool I understood the total rise Is meant to be calculated from the different z values from the active lower layer to the designated upper layer. In this case (see screenshot) Floor G with a Z value of 0 and Floor 1 with a z value of 4650. All the settings seem to be correct but the tool cannot see the Z of top bound (Floor 1, which has a Z value of 4650). The only way I can get this tool to work is by value or layer wall height which is not ideal. I have always used the custom stair tool in the past the which is quicker and not as unwieldy as this monster. However since it was dropped from 2017 and presumably is now unsupported (I have experienced multiple crashes when tweaking settings and ghost images of stairs since deleted) Thanks for any help


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