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Found 12 results

  1. Has anyone successfully used 'define by contours' for the new grade limits modifier? I have tried in fresh files and old files and vectorworks keeps crashing. Attached example SiteModelGradingTest.vwx
  2. I added this to an old thread and I thought I might need to re-up it here. How do I add a menu tool from the OIP as an Object Context right click option? I would like to add Select System Objects for Braceworks Truss as a right click option.
  3. When modifying my workspace I can't seem to add dividing lines to a menu. I can select the line object from the left column and drag it over but it never gives me the line-with-circle to insert it. I'm using the latest service pack for 2022. No issues doing this in previous versions.
  4. Yearly thread to please add the Spotlight menu items & toolsets to the Designer workspace. Or create an 'Everything' workspace. This doesn't require any engineering since users can create it themselves (but shouldn't have to). Previous threads... 2019, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2010 Also bumping last years JIRA Enhancement Requests... VE-99189 - Add Spotlight menus & tools to Designer workspace VE-99190 - Allow selecting built-in Tool Set icons for custom Tool Sets in the Workspace Editor  How to build a Designer + Spotlight workspace in VW 2020 1. Create a duplicate of the default Designer workspace and name it. 2. Add the Spotlight menus & commands. Here is a compare of the Designer vs Spotlight workspaces in VW2020. Add the green highlighted commands on the right side of the compare window to your workspace (except the Architectural submenu in Spotlight is already included under AEC in Designer). 3. Go to the Tools>Palettes and add the Dimension tools to your Basic toolset. The list of tools to add are on lines 941-947. 4. Add new tool sets for Lighting, Rigging, & Event Design. The list of tools to add are on lines 951-997. 5. Download the Lighting toolset icon here. Download the Rigging & Event Design icons here. Attached is a Designer+Spotlight_2020.vww workspace with all the above changes. Windows users, navigate to and place the file in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2020\Workspaces. Re-open VW and select it under Tools>Workspaces. Designer+Spotlight_2020.vww
  5. This one has been bothering me for a very long time! Since VW2018 was released, my saved workspace will not save entirely. Essentially I have a double stacked group of tools on the left side of the screen that I prefer. In VW2018, every time I open the software, it reverts back to a collapsed version of this sidebar configuration. This only happens in VW2018. It has never happened in prior versions, and it appears to be fixed in VW2019. If VW2019 wasn't riddled with bugs and we weren't pulling back from implementing it in our office, I wouldn't mind this persistent issue, but since it looks like 2018 will be my mainstay for quite some time, I am finally adding this bug to the list. I know this is a minor thing that doesn't really affect anything, but damn it is annoying. Annoying Workspace Collapse in VW2018.mp4
  6. For future Vectorworks releases, please add the Spotlight menus and toolset to the Designer workspace (or make a seperate Everything Workspace). Here's a request from 2010 Add the Spotlight Toolset to the Designer Workspace And 2014 Everything Workspace And 2015 (and bumped again in 2017) VW Designer 2015 - Still no complete workspace with all toolsets In the meantime, here's how to build a Designer + Spotlight workspace. 1. Create a duplicate of the default Designer workspace and name it. 2. Add the Spotlight menus & commands. Here is a compare of the default Designer workspace vs Spotlight workspace. Add the green hightlighted commands on the right side to your workspace (except the Architectural submenu (right side, lines 512-532) which I believe is already included under AEC (left side, lines 445-536). 3. Goto the Tools / Palettes, and add the Dim tools to your Basic toolset. The list of tools to add is in the compare link (right side, lines 918-924). 4. Add a new tool set and name it Spotlight. The list of tools to add is in the compare link (right side, lines 928-963). 5. Add the icon your newly created Spotlight toolset using the attached icon. (This was a quick and dirty screengrab + cleanup until they allow us to select from the builtin icons). OR, if you want to save a bunch of time, I've attached a workspace file which is just all the above steps completed (no other customizations). Place the file in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2018\Workspaces Re-open VW and select it under Tools / Workspaces Designer+Spotlight_2018.vww
  7. The short need is the ability to have 'Document Setup' and 'Publish' available in ALL Workspaces. Possible? I work in a custom workspace called ConnectCAD for my wiring work. All is good, but I can't use 'Document Setup' or 'Publish'. I have to switch to 'Architect' workspace to get the 'file-publish' and 'Document Settings - Document Setup' options to appear. I've tried customizing my ConnectCAD workspace to add 'Publish', and 'Document Settings - Document Setup' but it doesn't appear as an option in the customize screen Anybody know how to do that? Am I missing something silly?
  8. After having problems in the past and avoiding to do so over years, I tried to migrate my VW 2017 workspace into VW 2018. Speaking for the export workspace settings User Customizations only, that was nearly lossless for me. All docking, Custom Palettes, and VW Settings still there. But the Activation of Quick Settings Bar and Bar above ( like "render mode long") were ignored. Also the auto-activation of new Tools worked quite well. As far as I can see only the new Menu Entry for "Multiple View Panes" was missing. (Ok, there weren't that much new Entries in VW 20128)
  9. In VW2018 we have been having issues with our custom workspaces resetting upon each open. A few of us prefer to stack our Basic and Landmark toolbars on the left side of the screen, 2 tool columns wide each. Upon open in 2018, these tool sets completely collapse every time, no matter how the workspace is saved. Only been an issue in 2018, never before.
  10. I have noticed two bugs related to workspaces in VW2018. One is a hold over from VW2017 and the other is new. They are: When working in the Irrigation Tools for awhile, I lose many of my typical right-click menu options. They just don't appear anymore. The only way I have learned to restore them is by restoring my custom workspace setting. I noticed this in VW2017, but just never got around to submitting it. After saving my new custom workspace settings in VW2018, I have noticed that for some reason, many of the toolbars revert to a squished and ineffective setting at first and I have to widen a couple of panels. This is new in 2018
  11. Menu Items : - rearranged (Export/Import) - no entries deleted (so far) Quick Tool Bar : - 90% of available Settings pulled out Top Bar : - Render "long" + Layer Scale (forgot for the screenshot) Tool Boxes : - pulled out Working Planes + Visualization (Camera + Light Lister) Basic Box : - at the bottom - reordered and sorted (Creation vs Manipulation vs Selection) - pulled out nested Icons - extended with Tape Measure and Basic 3D Stuff RM : - over File Tab Bar (Else I can not see the File Name if over Top App Border) Tool Set Box : - Tool Set order rearranged - Tool order rearranged Interactive : - cold Colors for "Editing Modes Border" and different View Backgrounds, some Transparency changes Would like to be able to pull out the UIOP Bar either as a floating Palette or docked at the bottom in a second row. Would like to paint my own Icons. Would like to have access for Icons of all Tools AND Commands.
  12. My setup uses 2 screens : 1) inbuilt 15" macbook pro screen, 2) 22" external monitor. I use both screens at the same time. Every time i open VWX all of the tool pallets (obj info, basic tools, navigation etc..) are in front of my main drawing window all grouped on my 22" external monitor, what i then do is transfer all of the pallets to the macbook pro screen and leave my main drawing window on the 22" monitor. Only issue is that every time i close VWX or unplug the external monitor it loses all the positions and i have to manually move everything again, i can see how to save the palette positions, but not how to recall them after.. any ideas ? --- OSX - 10.10.5 VWX 2014 SP5
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