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Found 12 results

  1. It'd be great if you could set option+U, option+I, option+O, option+P to toggle backwards among the Mode Groups of a tool just as U, I, O, and P toggle forwards for the tools. All we need is the ability in the "Keys" section of the workspace editor! It would reduce keystrokes in many different workflows.
  2. Hi all Wondering if someone can advise me? I'm using Spotlight 2021 and having a problem with the lighting pipe tool. It stuck at a fixed length of 4.537" for a reason I can't figure out. No mater what size pipe I try to draw, that's the length the pipes are stuck to being. And these tiny pipes don't look like the normal scaffold pipes ... just a tiny straight line with a couple of markers on them. Any advice would be really appreciated as I can figure out what I've clicked to makes his happen. Thanks and best wishes Andy Lowe
  3. Is there any way we can provide a link to our own help documentation/wiki when creating tools with the SDK? When you hit F1 on default tools you end up on the specific article explained in the Vectorworks help.
  4. Once you Create A Similar Object, the only way to refer to the default style of that tool is to open a new project, copy in the default and then Create A Similar Object from that pasted object. Why not just have a button simply called "Revert to Tool Default"?
  5. Could be usefull to have a tool that allow to build a strip LED with some parameters like brand of LED, kind of LED (white, multichip etc...), size of the strip, distance between LEDs and soo on
  6. Why is there nothing to help me find a tool that is not in any of the tool palettes? I end up having to search Help for the probable location and switch to a workspace that has the tool. Why is there no other way to get to them? Examples I've had recently have included the grid bubble and the data tag, but it's happened many times. I asked about this in the Austin user group today and they all told me it should be submitted as an enhancement request.
  7. Hello, is there any VW plugin available like Sketchup Placemaker, or Infraworks or something like Worldmashine to get any terrain/landscape map into VW!? Thank you and best regards Nik
  8. Hi, I really like the auto-hide palette feature for work on my laptop, but I wish I could make it appear/disappear faster. Is there a way to adjust the speed? I would love it if it would appear instantly if my cursor touches the frame, and disappear instantly if my cursor leaves the toolbar. Also, is there a way to get rid of the slow-mo, blurry animation for the toolbar hide as well? It seems to be a waste of system resources for a program whose focus seems to be the speedy creation of readable build diagrams. Thanks!
  9. Hi Jim (or anyone else), I have a general question about the future of Vectorworks development. What is Vectorworks doing (if anything) with incorporating predictive analytics, and/or rule-based intelligence, and/or machine learning technologies into the functioning of Vectorworks? Bentley, Graphisoft, and Autodesk have all introduced predictive / intelligent tools in the last few years. These are all early forays into incorporating predictive analytics and/or intelligence into their overall toolsets. What is Vectorworks doing in this regard? I ask because I have really come to enjoy using Vectorworks, but I am on the fence committing to it as my primary design and BIM-authoring tool package. I followed Vectorworks development for a long time before starting to use it and my impression is that Vectorworks 6-7 years ago was not at all competitive with Revit, AECOsim, or ArchiCAD as a BIM authoring tool and as a design tool ( back then, it had 32-bit architecture, out-dated geometry kernel, limited 3d capabilities, limited support for IFC, limited/no scripting/graphical scripting capabilities, limited ability to handle large data sets, limited visualization capabilities, no building performance analysis, more problematic file exchange performance). In the last several years, Vectorworks has made up an incredible amount of ground at an incredible pace and is now as strong as or stronger than each of the other major tools in some ways. I'm not saying that Vectorworks is "the best program" in all areas. But I think that it is a very competitive BIM authoring tool. Right now it is an incredible value. And its focus on the user needs does seem to have yielded great, easy, fast, intuitive workflows. But the near future of BIM authoring tool development seems to be in reducing time to develop designs and improving design performance validation by incorporating predictive analytics and rule-based intelligence such that designers indicate design intent (for instance by laying out a stair, a road, a sketch line, a room, a roof line, etc. with some conceptual strokes) and then the program applies a combination of a set of rules and perhaps some learning about typical user preferences in order to instantaneously complete the geometry so that the designer may then evaluate the repercussions of the particular strategy on the overall design instantaneously. Graphisoft and Bentley have both introduced tools that offer this ability. In addition to its stair tool, Graphisoft also uses predictive technology to allocate computing resources more efficiently to speed up workflow. Bentley is probably leading with regard to automating and integrating context capture, automated conversion of point cloud data to usable models, and civil infrastructure design, and is also using predictive technology to improve its help assistant (Connect Advisor). Autodesk is deploying predictive analytics with regard to sketching and performance data management, among other applications. And yet a search of the Vectorworks Community forum yielded no results for "Vectorworks"+"predictive analytics" or +"rule-based intelligence", nor did a google search. So what is Vectorworks doing with predictive analytics and rule-based intelligence and machine learning? Is it staying competitive? Or will we realize over the next several years that Vectorworks has allowed a significant gap to develop with regard to predictive analytics and rule-based intelligent tools compared to its competitors and that it then has to close that gap in order to catch up with where the industry is? Thanks in advance for your response(s). Best, Joe
  10. Lets have some helpful, useful fun here. Submit a Tool and its use in situations where it wasn't originally designed for. For example I use the Roof Face Tool to create my residential garage slabs so that I can easily provide a slope and still have the forward and rear edges vertical (using the "vertical miter" option). Like a slab I can have components such as poured concrete, a vapour barrier and a gravel base. Lets see what you've got. I'm sure we have all had situation where you wondered "how can I do that?" as there is no tool specifically named or designed for your situation.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm totally new to vectorworks and just started learning by downloading the latest trial version and following the tutorials in the getting started section. While following the instructions in the tutorial I came across some troubles. I assume that some are based on the facts that the tutorial is created in an older version of the programme, whereas others feel more like it could be a glitch in the software. Generally I'm not sure but I hope someone can shead some light on it. So here goes... General issues with the software: 1) I create classes as instructed and place objects in them. But they behave oddly. They don't react uniformly to switching between visible and invisible, objects just move from one class to the other, and when I select an object only about half the time does the info bar on the side actually show the object details, like location, size, class, etc. Some times it just looks like I didn't highlight anything. These behaviors seem to be somehow related to which view is active. I.e. A class I hid might be visible from the front but when I switch to top view it becomes invisible... 2) When zooming in to a specific area, occasionally everything becomes invisible and can't be retrieved. 3) When I work in open GL and switch to top/plan view and the back to any of the other views it stays on wireframe. Some more tutorial specific issues: 4) In the chapter 'Gazebo' at 6:55 http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2017/getting-started-guides/freeform-modeling/gazebo It askes to draw a rectangle and then use the project tool to extrude it up to the roof. When I try this it just tells me 'ptoject tool failed'. 5) In the next chaper 'Adding Benches and Light Posts' at 6:30 http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2017/getting-started-guides/freeform-modeling/adding-benches-and-light-posts Is asks you to set the site class to visible. As this is not something that was mentioned before in the tutotrial, I assume it is a class that exists by default, howerver I cannot find it in my version. And lastly a general question I cannot find any info on: 6) In the views bar on top of the main window - between the drop down menues of layers, classes, views, etc. - I have to small symbols for working plane views and active layer plane views. Switching between them does not change anything a I can make out, so I was wondering what they meant. Ok. Sorry for the lenghty list. If anyone knows anything about any of these, that would be a great help. I hope I'll learn quickly and can return or pass on the favor, soon. Thanks so much!!! Chris
  12. I was wondering if there could be a carpet tool for the events section. The tool could have the following items. 1) Stock Carpet Widths & Roll Sizes. 2) Places Data inside object after created. Meaning it will label itself like the Hoist Tool. 3) Can select carpet type from tool 4) Tracks Rolls of Carpet use and Costs 5) Lets you select room and automatically carpets with data inputted. 6) Creates Carpet Report 7) Carpet Layout Tool Would allow you to easily carpet and event where you may use different colors of carpet or material in the event! I know I could use this everyday in the Event world. I would imagine it could be used in the architectural word as well.
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