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Found 10 results

  1. So I have what I think is a simple file. a few jpgs, a pdf, and some linework overlayed on each other. Plotting this thing has been a nightmare. I can publish both sheets to pdf, and then plot those from adobe reader, but if I try to plot directly from VW all sorts of unexplained misery ensues. This last attempt took 3 hours and only a portion of the sheet plotted out. What gives? My plotter is a 24" HP Designjet T830. Thanks, Rudy Beuc 100167105_MainFile.vwx
  2. Is there a way to publish a group of pages as rasterized (flattened) PDF's? I have a 23 page file that need to be rasterized as in pdf. Thanks Jeff
  3. TKA


    I have a file which has been in use since 2019, it has a bout 110 pages (sheets) and for some reason I cannot print past the page #58. This applies to published pdf set, trying to print directly from VW, same with the same file from 2019. I replaced the printer driver, tried different printer too. I tried printing via apple print, preview and in all cases the print appears to be spooling to the printer and then disappears. Eventually I determined that it is the pdf part of the page that's the cause. Whether in sheet layer or in viewport it makes no difference, I have made a new pdf (screen grab) and it still doesn't work.
  4. Hi I have a drawing to print (2d only) that I have applied a sketch render. When I select print, VW seems to hang and nothing happens - I'm not able to click on anything and eventually force close the program after several minutes. I'm able to print the same drawing as wireframe - am I missing a setting somewhere? Strathfieldsaye_Primary_School.dwg
  5. CD_


    HI , I am having problems printing from certain files. I am using Vectorworks 2013 using a Mac with macOS Sierra. When I want to print a sheet layer I have no option to print. It only allows me to save as a PDF. Which makes it a very lengthy process to print. Has any one encountered this similar issue?
  6. My background with VectorWorks is on the Mac platform. I have been experimenting a little with VW on Windows and am running into a problem. Items with a white fill print as all black, regardless of the printer driver selected and regardless of whether I have white or black VW background selected. I can work around this by creating a .pdf file from the Export menu and printing from that, but this adds a step to my workflow. I am running VW 2015 SP5 on Windows 10. I had the same problem with Windows 7. Some printers/drivers used have been Bluebeam Revu (.pdf), HP T120 and Canon iR 2525
  7. Hi, We are having some serious problems with Vectorworks printing/exporting to .pdf at the moment, where lineweights change depending on the prescence of other geometry nearby. We have tried printing from different mac systems to 2 different printers, using old and new print drivers, both with the same issue, on vwx 2016 and 2017. I have tried printing with different DPI's directly from vectorworks, and from a pdf, both showing the same issue. I have also tried creating a new file and recreating the geometry in there, with the same issue. Screen shots attached - what you are seeing is a simple hatch of 0.05 lineweight horizontal lines at 75mm c/c, with no hidden geometry's, copied/recereated several times with ungrouped, grouped and symbol windows scattered throughout (which seem to cause the banding). Printed also at different scales, still with the same issue. Any ideas?? Thanks! Anthony
  8. Hi there, I wonder if someone out there can demystify this issue. I design, and therefore output my own designs, and I also work for another designer and I output her drawings the same way - viewports/sheets etc. We share colours (I know I must create different ones for her but I am always time limited in her office for any housekeeping, so she uses mine). However, here lies the mystery: I dropbox her files and she sends them to the printers. I send my files to the printers from my dropbox. Bear in mind we have the same colour palette. My plans come back with a really brown overtone to the greens of the lawns and plants. Hers print as her the screen colours (more or less). Now I draw both drawings on the same computer using the same software and with the same colours. We use the same printers. I dropbox mine for them to pick up and print, she emails. She emails from a PC but I doubt that has any influence. This only impacts A2 and A1 files; A3 they print with the correct colours. I have checked the CMYK they picked off the file on their printer and it is actually different to the CMYK of the actual colour used VW are C 0.11 M 0.00 Y 0.1615 K 0.0173 Printers emailed me Cyan: 39% Magenta: 1% Yellow: 43% Black: 0% These are completely different - 3x more Yellow and Cyan!! IS there a way to fix this? Many thanks in advance Do any of you know what this may be?
  9. i'm not sure if i'm loosing my mind, but i seem to remember there was a way of deciding if when printing a drawing across multiple pages, if the page count or layout was 'right first then down' or 'down first then right'... or is it always down first? or does it change depending if the page is vertical or horizontal... cheers...
  10. Hi all, just recently upgraded to VW2016 on PC for the first time after working on mac for years. I'm having trouble with the print setup. Every time I try to set up a page to print on A1 to the plotter, it automatically resets to A4 and another printer and no matter what I try to do I can't get this to stop resetting. It's frustrating as I have to keep publishing to pdf and print that way in the mean time. Has anyone else had this problem and if so do you have a solution for this? Many thanks
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