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  1. There is 'Invisible Classes are: Exported as invisible DXF/DWG Layers', does it not work?
  2. hello, is it possible to export a dwg version of a vwx file, which includes the symbols present in the resource manager but currently not inserted in the drawing? these symbols could then be accessed via autocad design center and inserted in the drawing in that environment. thank you,
  3. thank you, marissa, i would not want to take too much of your time when, even though i believe i know a great deal of vw, i do not know anything about scripting, plug in objects, or marionette. scripting was always undecipherable with vw for me, but when i discovered there exists marionette i was enthusiastic again. my students work with grasshopper, and it was interesting that i could work with visual definitions right within vw. in this case, the master site is composed of 18 base modules (blue squares) that could be zero (empty with no red rectangle) or any of the variations in the catalogue i created. in order to create configurations for the master site now, i have to manually grab whichever one of the symbols i desire and place it in whichever one of the 18 positions in the site i decide, in order to create complete site configurations, which are usually a mix of 5, 6, or 7 buildings (red rectangles) and empty space between them. in the pdf i attach there are several different schemes that i produced via this manual process. (the drawing shows more context, but the site is where the red rectangles are, which can be seen to change when pages are flipped). i thought that via marionette i could create an object where the blue square base and grey grid are fixed, and the position and rotation of the red rectangle are variable parameters according to a limited set of variations that i already thought and are shown in the catalogue on my first post, (the text block that accompanies the red rectangle, naming it, would have to follow the rectangle and change as well, exactly like in the catalogue). i would place this object 18 times in the master site and then decide which variation i want each object to show, via input from the object info palette... i would select each object and in the oi palette there would be a place where i could write 'A1', or 'B6', and the red rectangle would switch position accordingly (and the text would show the corresponding name). a group of 18 objects would be a 'site configuration', in its own vw layer, all above one layer containing the context, so i can work making alternatively visible many site configurations either on model or on paper space. i thought this would perhaps be a simple enough task that would also allow me to start experimenting and learning marionette, but maybe i'm wrong... please don't use too much of your time for this, i guess i will start the proper way, by watching all the introductory videos to marionette, etc. thank you! San Andres_Hab_211018_Test.pdf
  4. thanks for your response, pat. i don't need to change the text only, i know how to work with record formats and symbols, but in this case i need an object that can have multiple configurations of one of its components (the red rectangle) according to a pre-planned, limited set of variations.
  5. thank you, marissa. let's see if also i understand you correctly. to me, it would be interesting and useful that one same symbol has the capability of showing different positions for its components (only one of them in this case, the red rectangle). then, for example, if i decided to make changes to the symbol's attributes, this would happen in one place only. the masterplan site is organized with 18 of these base modules, and i was imagining i could place the same symbol 18 times, and then through input in object info call one variation or another for each of them (including a zero state with no building). it very quickly it arises that the master site itself could be a symbol as well, were for each of the 18 positions different variations of the modules could be called.
  6. hi, i have experience with parametric thinking but no experience with marionette, and i know vectorworks very well. maybe even the way in which i formulate my question could be off. for a preliminary masterplan design, i'm working with a building module (red in the attached file) which can be positioned in a number of ways within a base area (shown in blue). each variation has a name according to a certain general criteria, and i have made a symbol for each of these variations. what i would like to have is a single symbol which could adopt any of these positions through object info properties, ideally were i would write the variation name (A2, for example) and the red rectangle would show in the corresponding position. in principle, i would not want to input coordinates, but just names which are pre-associated with positions in my little system already thought out. so, one question would be if my thinking that this is possible with marionette is correct. another is if it would be difficult to attempt having no knowledge like i do... thank you! SA_Builiding_Module.pdf
  7. it used to be that that if you want to select an object and wind up selecting one that is on top, you send that one to back and click again on the same spot to select the object you wanted to select in the first place, now unobstructed by the presence of the one that's just been sent to back... but now, trying vw2019, if you don't deselect all first then the object sent to back keeps stubbornly being selected even though it was sent to the back...
  8. tools > migration manager > migrate your old workspace, the one where 'esc' key works for getting back to selection tool, and work with that workspace to modify other aspects and make it current... the old 'esc' key shortcut migrates well... :)
  9. i'm not sure if i'm loosing my mind, but i seem to remember there was a way of deciding if when printing a drawing across multiple pages, if the page count or layout was 'right first then down' or 'down first then right'... or is it always down first? or does it change depending if the page is vertical or horizontal... cheers...
  10. jim, thanks a lot. i'm working on my laptop with the palettes all compressed... i didn't catch that last tab... this is awesome. thank you!
  11. hello, i was wondering if there was any other way to manually update a reference that having to go to 'tools/organization/etc.' i'm currently working between two files, discovering changes to be made in a referenced file, going in it and making them, and coming back to the main file to verify how the changes turned out... if i could have a custom command in a palette, where i could double click to update said reference that would speed things up for me. but i'm not sure how to make it...
  12. benson, thank you for your suggestions. i think re-shifting the dimension values to the exact position is less than i initially imagined vw was going to oblige me to do... so it might be fine... michael, thanks for your files. in vw 2008 when i hit recalculate (after having inserted one or more new symbols) the whole worksheet goes like in the screen shot i attach to this post. but having attempted a solution to this is already a lot, i'm not asking for any more of your time... thank you!
  13. appreciate it very much, benson. based on your suggestions what i?m actually trying to achieve is a group object containing a invisible dimension (where one can only see text), and a symbol for the arrow. i duplicate and reshape this group every time i need a new dimension. the only problem i'm still not able to solve is the misalignment of the text being always what i want it to be - it changes with every reshape... i wish i could make it be fixed at the position of my choice within the dimension.. nicolas i've added a file with the object i created...
  14. if i could somehow draw invisible dimensions whose values feed the data in a symbol like yours... and if then the symbol would be automatically positioned to the end side of the dimension... but even if all that was possible i don't know how to do it...
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