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  1. i'm not sure if i'm loosing my mind, but i seem to remember there was a way of deciding if when printing a drawing across multiple pages, if the page count or layout was 'right first then down' or 'down first then right'... or is it always down first? or does it change depending if the page is vertical or horizontal... cheers...
  2. jim, thanks a lot. i'm working on my laptop with the palettes all compressed... i didn't catch that last tab... this is awesome. thank you!
  3. hello, i was wondering if there was any other way to manually update a reference that having to go to 'tools/organization/etc.' i'm currently working between two files, discovering changes to be made in a referenced file, going in it and making them, and coming back to the main file to verify how the changes turned out... if i could have a custom command in a palette, where i could double click to update said reference that would speed things up for me. but i'm not sure how to make it...
  4. benson, thank you for your suggestions. i think re-shifting the dimension values to the exact position is less than i initially imagined vw was going to oblige me to do... so it might be fine... michael, thanks for your files. in vw 2008 when i hit recalculate (after having inserted one or more new symbols) the whole worksheet goes like in the screen shot i attach to this post. but having attempted a solution to this is already a lot, i'm not asking for any more of your time... thank you!
  5. appreciate it very much, benson. based on your suggestions what i?m actually trying to achieve is a group object containing a invisible dimension (where one can only see text), and a symbol for the arrow. i duplicate and reshape this group every time i need a new dimension. the only problem i'm still not able to solve is the misalignment of the text being always what i want it to be - it changes with every reshape... i wish i could make it be fixed at the position of my choice within the dimension.. nicolas i've added a file with the object i created...
  6. if i could somehow draw invisible dimensions whose values feed the data in a symbol like yours... and if then the symbol would be automatically positioned to the end side of the dimension... but even if all that was possible i don't know how to do it...
  7. michael, i appreciate your taking the time to come up with a solution. even if not perfect, it's more automated than making groups and editing text blocks... so thank you. i'm probably going to use it at least while i can't figure out anything else. thanks again... nicolas
  8. please help!! even saying it can't be done will allow me to move on to find alternative solutions to my problem... or maybe this has been acknowledged in versions of vw posterior to 2008, which is what i'm still using...
  9. it is common in many countries to work with various 'dimension axis' and measure distances from objects to those axis using what could be described as 'half' a dimension, meaning there's one arrow, one witness line, and a number. dimensionally speaking, constrained base-line dimensions do the job, except that the way they are represented is what i need to change from a two sided dimension going all the way to the axis to a one sided one which is on the side of the object only... i've been using vw for years, mostly in the u.s., but now i'm in argentina, and if i'm not able to solve this problem i will have to switch to autocad. very basic example of what i'm trying to describe: http://www.arquitectura.com/cad/artic/replanteo.asp any help would be highly appreciated... i added a screenshot showing what vw gives me and below what it is that i need...
  10. one other thing is that in vw2008 there doesn't seem to be a numbering system on the part of the program. when one creates a space tag the number field is empty, and i'm not sure if any kind of numbering is valid for vw... in my case i use letters and numbers, but in the finish schedule i get a very crazy ordering that doesn't make any sense, but that i discovered is related to how to the front or the back drawing wise the tags are... quite disconcerting...
  11. hello, i still use vw2008, and i'm trying to find a way to expand so to speak the room finishes categories that are established within the application. for example, i need to assign spaces not only ceiling types but ceiling paint, on two separate columns that is. the same with walls... i need to be able to discriminate between type of stuco or tiling and paint... i'm not sure if i'm missing anything, or maybe in argentina (where i work now) we organize finishes slightly differently... regards, nicolas d'angelo
  12. Hello, i'm using vw2008 and working on a finish schedule and the room finishes and having trouble with how i understand the system is designed simple because i need more finish categories... for example i need ceiling material and ceiling paint as two separate categories... is there a workaround that you can figure for this? am i missing something in terms of how finishes work in this version of vw? regards, nicolas d'angelo
  13. the thing is even more cumbersome than i thought... if you have to, say, insert eight 2d loci in a hundred lines of different lengths, not only you have to do it one by one but also because the command is a script or something it does not remember your last input, so you have to input '8' each time and click or un-click whatever options... the way i'm working around it is by not using it. i create the 8 2d loci one time, then group them, duplicate them and reshape them as a group from line to line.
  14. i want to use the 'line into segments' command to place 2d loci on several lines at a time. is this possible or what would be the workaround? vw2008/mbp 2.33 - 2gb/mac os10.5.5


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