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  1. OMG...This!! Please change this so we can type in the main section and tab between fields...talk about making things more complex for no apparent reason! One click, then type, then tab....surely!
  2. No idea! What is colour management? Can I be inadvertently? They are printed from PDF as the printers don't have VW viewer. So I make the same drawing on the same laptop, using the same colours, and they are printed at the same printers. The only difference being mine I dropbox and they access from the dropbox folder, and the designer I work for takes them from dropbox and emails them. I wondered if there was anything in there that caused the issue. OR something historic in VW- like when I made the templates or something. I am seriously wracking my brains. It is a complete mystery. But please explain this colour management if you have a moment, and tell me what I should be doing. I'd really appreciate it! I've sent the same file off to another printers and we collect tomorrow so will see how it looks.
  3. Hi there, I wonder if someone out there can demystify this issue. I design, and therefore output my own designs, and I also work for another designer and I output her drawings the same way - viewports/sheets etc. We share colours (I know I must create different ones for her but I am always time limited in her office for any housekeeping, so she uses mine). However, here lies the mystery: I dropbox her files and she sends them to the printers. I send my files to the printers from my dropbox. Bear in mind we have the same colour palette. My plans come back with a really brown overtone to the greens of the lawns and plants. Hers print as her the screen colours (more or less). Now I draw both drawings on the same computer using the same software and with the same colours. We use the same printers. I dropbox mine for them to pick up and print, she emails. She emails from a PC but I doubt that has any influence. This only impacts A2 and A1 files; A3 they print with the correct colours. I have checked the CMYK they picked off the file on their printer and it is actually different to the CMYK of the actual colour used VW are C 0.11 M 0.00 Y 0.1615 K 0.0173 Printers emailed me Cyan: 39% Magenta: 1% Yellow: 43% Black: 0% These are completely different - 3x more Yellow and Cyan!! IS there a way to fix this? Many thanks in advance Do any of you know what this may be?
  4. JimW, I couldn't find my post so I am sorry I disappeared after writing it. Yes, basically they want gravely textures and a more rough sketchy - but coloured- 3D visuals. Shame VW doesn't offer up as many as Sketchup. Thanks for your suggestion. I will try what you said and see if it works for them.
  5. I work for a designer who used to use sketchup. I now do her drawings but in VW. She would like to create a more watercolour design style, like the one in sketchup. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do this. I don't have photoshop but do have pixilmator. And is VW going to have this option ever: to add styles to the rendering?
  6. I have cobbled it using a single swing, and two bi-fold singles but closed in the 3D! Its messy, but it will do for the task at hand. It would be helpful to have more options! This is the 2nd five fold door I have had to deal with! They are getting popular!
  7. Hi All, I need to do folding sliding doors - OOOOX. I assume it is complex swing option, but it doesn't have that sequence. Any ideas how to achieve it? Thanks VW Landmark 2014
  8. mmm?I have done that before and it does slow the file right down. Maybe I will have to make my own (one day when I find the time!!). We need a community library of created symbols like these! There are so many things I know would be useful! A football, tennis rackets etc. Just to add to the buy in for the client! The other thing I really think should be made available by suppliers are symbols of exterior products etc. Gaze Burvill furniture, Alitex/Hartley greenhouses, Lighting (not the VW ones) etc! They could so get sales from that because we have dressed up our 3Ds with their products! Opportunity lost maybe? ahh well!
  9. Sorry about the title! Not very clear! I am wondering if there is access to any garden design 3D symbols such as cushions, coffee cups, cafetiers, wine glasses/bottles, garden tools etc. Rather than making them! Sketchup has a whole world of donated symbols, but there doesn't seem to be much for VW. Can anyone help? Sometimes for a close up of part of a garden it would be nice to have access to these smaller objects to create a detailed picture?..
  10. Thanks everyone. Copying out the 3D data worked, as did deleting the 2D, copying and pasting the 3D out and creating an Auto Hybrid. The latter was easier to work with as the former was a mesh and I had to group it to work on it (should I have?) Really fiddley still trying to get the car to sit nicely on a complex slope! It would be great if there was a simpler way! i.e when you send to surface it sits all four wheels on the ground! But that has worked. So thanks for your help.
  11. Hi, I have a terrain model where the land slopes up to the house from the road, and also slopes down from left to right as you face the property from the road. If I send a car - a hybrid object - to the surface, one wheel sits on the surface, and the others are sunken into the site model. The cars are also rotated on the 2D. Making it hard to look at them exactly face on or side on in 3D. I need to rotate these cars so they sit with all four wheels on the surface but I cannot do this with the rotate tool. Any suggestions? VW Landmark 2014 on MAC IOS 8.2.5


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