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Found 9 results

  1. I love the offset tool... I love switching back and forth between "Close Open Curves" being off and on. I do not like going into the Offset Tool Preferences every time to toggle it. Please add this as a toggle button on the sub menu for the Offset Tool. (I don't use Smooth Corners really but maybe that belongs too) 🙂
  2. For Create Objects From Shapes - the method for the offset is incredibly counter-intuitive. You have to think if the object is created clockwise around the polygon, and I want the object to be created on the INSIDE edge of the polygon, then I need to select Offset-->Right. If I want it create on the OUTSIDE edge of polygon, I need to select Offset-->Left. So I have to think about it like this: the created object will be on the right side of the polygon. Great! But... kind of unnecessarily confused? Wouldn't it make more sense to simply call the offsets literally "Inside" and "Outside"? Barring that, having a tool tip explaining what each Offset type is (I.e., "Selecting an offset of Right will put your created object to the right of the polygon edge, or on the inside edge of the polygon")
  3. Can you put symbols or PIO's in just one (or specified) components of a wall? e.g. in the attached image, I'd like to insert a column into the CMU blockwork component in the middle of the wall - like column 'C' which is not actually inserted, but 'on top' of the wall in 2D. The only insert options I find are in the Object Info palette : 'Centre line' (column A) and 'Left edge' or 'Right Edge' (Column B), both of which are inserted / offset relative to the entire wall, and not the preferred wall component, and create a hole in all the wall components... Am I missing something? Thanks, hope all are keeping well in these strange times, and best wishes to you and your families. S
  4. To all you smart people, I am having an issue with two setups that should be controllable but where I have been stuck for some time now, resolving for one as a cut and paste and the other one which I cannot resolve really. 1/ The CALLOUT SHOULDER LENGTH, comes with a preset length of 96' ... too long, I would like to setup the callout so that it comes with a 2' shoulder 2/ The ELEVATION BENCHMARK text offset seems to be off on both right and left justification. (see below) Thank you for the help CF
  5. I am trying to offset 3 sides of a roof component, but it is only allowing 4 sides. Is there anyway to overhang the 3 sides parametrically? As shown in the attachments, I am trying to avoid the components intersecting at the ridge.
  6. Hi all, Ive recently moved over to VW 2018 from AutoCAD due to a new job. In AutoCAD, you could offset the start of a line/poly by holding on a point, then dragging in the offset direction and typing in the offset distance. You could therefore start drawing a line/polylight a certain distance from a point without having to do any extra actions in between. Is there any way of doing this VW? I need it to be a quick solution. Offsetting another line or drawing a line and having to go back to delete it unfortunately isnt efficient enough. Thanks Vectorworks 2018, Windows 10
  7. It would be nice to have an option to automatically apply the active class to an offset. For example if I want to create a fence line around a building on a plan and use the offset tool to create the fence line at a distance it would be nice if I could simply select the building outline in the building class, set the fence line class as active class and do the offset and the resulting offset object is in the fence line class. This will be helpful if you have to generate multiple offsets after another, as it saves time/effort to select the offsets and switch them to a different class. There are quite a few other things where offsets could be used this way, e.g. autocad can already do this (have the offset line put in the active layer instead of the object's layer)
  8. When pipes are created, they cannot be offset by conventional methods. I understand that this request is more complex considering the network character of irrigation pipes, but for graphic clarity on irrigation plans, this is often a must! Sometimes there is a need to convey that several pipes are running along side each other. The cleanest way of doing this is by an offset. To get around this, we have started by creating our pipes using polylines, and offsetting as necessary before Create Objects from Shapes... into pipes (see this post for my separate issue with this command). This works fine until we have to add another pipe or change something and the original functionality is lost.
  9. Hi i have difficulties to handle walls and slabs with several components. I can not manage to define the edge Offset of my slab components to fit the e.g. outer face of inner wall or the next layer of the slab to match the inner face of the inner wall. what am I missing?
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