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  1. Hi all. Any idea what's going on here? I keep getting objects with highlights, even though they're not selected or the cursor is nowhere near them. It's a nightmare when showing clients around a model.
  2. Can you put symbols or PIO's in just one (or specified) components of a wall? e.g. in the attached image, I'd like to insert a column into the CMU blockwork component in the middle of the wall - like column 'C' which is not actually inserted, but 'on top' of the wall in 2D. The only insert options I find are in the Object Info palette : 'Centre line' (column A) and 'Left edge' or 'Right Edge' (Column B), both of which are inserted / offset relative to the entire wall, and not the preferred wall component, and create a hole in all the wall components... Am I missing something? Thanks, hope all are keeping well in these strange times, and best wishes to you and your families. S
  3. Smallest image file tried was a 209 KB (!) JPEG and still no dice. Like @JRoth mentioned above, it will work if same image is imported as bitmap but not as JPEG. Same for larger images in the MB range. For now I'll have to make to with the bitmap option.
  4. Same issue here. I'm on Vwx 2019, and it still won't import images after a full restart.
  5. I'm using VW2018 architecture with Service Select on Mac OS. My resource manage does not allow me to get beyond the first folder in any library - I either get: "There are no items to show in this view", OR if it is a subfolder, the only content seems the be a folder of two line types called "zNested Line Types" I have restarted, checked whether my library was up to date, refreshed libraries, etc. But to no avail. No library appears to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but this is very frustrating! Screen shots attached to illustrate the situation.
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