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Found 9 results

  1. I'd like an option when copying and pasting a Callout for the first time in a file for a pop-up to ask: Would you like this Callout to: A. Remain associated with the Keynote it's currently associated to. B. Associate to a Keynote on the layer being pasted to or generate a new Keynote if none currently exists. [with a choice of existng Keynotes available on the current layer] Remember my choice in this file. If the user chooses option B and 'remember my choice', from that point onwards: Callouts will automatically be associated with a Keynote on the layer being pasted to if there is just one Keynote object. If there are multiple Keynotes on the layer being pasted to a popup would appear asking the user which Keynote they want the Callouts to be associated to. When copying and pasting a Callout on the same layer (i.e. without moving it to a separate layer) it would simply stay associated with its current Keynote. I almost never use workflow A, which is the current default behaviour. The only question is should this behaviour also be triggered when using the OIP to move Callouts from one layer to another. I think not in this case. They should just remain associated with their current Keynote by default. I wouldn't want popups appearing when moving objects between layers using the OIP. And I when I do keep Callouts and Keynotes on different layers the OIP is probably what I'd use. What do you think?
  2. Has anyone been able to create multiple keynote legends in VW 2023? I Can create a legend but by the duplication method but cannot assign keynotes to the new legend. Am I doing something wrong or is it the program? Have spent way too much time on this. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm trying to help a user with these issues. I'm making this post to gather more information to either inform my bug report or provide an informed solution to the user. Primarily, I would like to establish if anyone else has experienced the following symptoms/issues when using Callout Notes and Keynote Legends, with a Notes Database. Issue 1: Notes previously in the database no longer being there. (As evidenced by inspecting a copy of the backed database file). Issue 2: Keynotes and their respective listing in a Keynote Legend disappearing. From what I understand, these issues occurred under the following conditions: New Vectorworks document created from template. Previous Notes Database file duplicated for use with this project only. (Database is stored on a local network server, but the Vectorworks file is on the computer being used). Callout Tool Preferences used to select the duplicated database file. Notes placed as Keynotes, on Sheet Layers in Viewport annotations. (Notes Manager 'Prefs...' set to save changes when dialogue is closed, 'OK') Keynote Legend/s created on Sheet Layers (not in Viewport annotations). File saved, then closed. File later reopened. Some Keynotes and the respective items in the Keynotes Legend are missing, but other instances of these Keynotes are still present on one other Sheet Layer and listed in the Keynote Legend on that Sheet Layer. The Keynotes that disappeared were not present in the original database before it was duplicated for use with this project. They were created during this project. When using 'Reconcile Notes' the following error comes up for some notes: "Cannot find the selected note in the Database". - All the notes in this instance start with the same prefix / naming convention, 'GF-PF' and are found in varying quantities in Keynote Legends on several Sheet Layers. I see potential for this discussion to start a torrent of contribution, so please note I am not the user so getting more info from them or testing every remedy offered might be limited. The conditions supplied above are intended to inform what variables might be involved for others with these issues to consider, and to help inform the scope of these issues. The most important factor for me is to establish if anyone else has experienced the following symptoms/issues. Thanks! Jeremy
  4. I've been struggling with finding a way to use keynotes effectively in Vectorworks - and for us, one of the most essential aspects is the ability to revise keynotes as a project proceeds through the design process. Our office uses keynotes with a numbered prefix keyed to the CSI division format, and all keynotes have the same number throughout a project. We only place keynotes in a sheet legend if the keynote actually appears on a sheet, and keynotes may frequently appear on many different drawings - plans, elevations, sections. Attached is a sample file showing an alternate system for placing and reporting keynotes, based on a keynote record format attached to a custom symbol. The system uses worksheets on each sheet layer to report the keynotes on that sheet, and a separate 'master' worksheet to handle global editing of keynotes. Global editing is limited - text or reference fields may be edited, but editing the actual keynote number will break the link - the keynote number is providing the key link to the worksheet. I'd love to get feedback or suggestions that would improve this system. 170527 VW 2017 test.vwx
  5. I have just been introduced to keynotes. I love these - loads of potential!! However - in addition to the description (which is essentially a title?) and note text (which appears on the key on the drawing,) please can we add additional data? Like a record type setup? For example, I want to be able to set up a drawing with keynote callout numbers, and an associated key with a note / summary of each item, which I can do at the moment using the notes database. I then want to be able to set up a worksheet showing these numbers and note text, but also another data column (or series of columns if needed) showing further detailed data linked to each of the items in my key - for further specification reference. I don't think this is possible right now aside from setting up additional non-linked records... but it seems like a straightforward(ish?!) addition to the current keynote function, and would be AMAZING for us in terms of functionality.
  6. All our jobs use callout notes with one keynote legend. On a job I had added a new note, and as such drew a manual revision cloud around it. Days later I went back and noticed that the revision cloud no longer lined up with any text. It made me curious as to what note was missing. Upon opening a PDF I had generated I could see it was the new note I had added days before. Assuming I had altered the callout incorrectly I went into the job and checked it was in fact set to include as a keynote on that same legend. I then went back to legend, updated, sorted, removed gaps etc. Still didn't show. Got a few extra staff to check that it wasn't just my eyes. A member of staff pointed out that if you untick the "break text across columns" it will intermittently omit notes. I thought this can't be right, pretty dangerous move to have notes omitted simply by choosing whether or not to split notes across columns. Sure enough I ticked it, updated and that note plus others reappeared. Now to play the game of spot the difference to see what notes had also been omitted before. I hate to think what other settings might cause presented information to be removed from our plans. Do I dare ask if this is working as intended or a bug?
  7. I can’t stress enough the importance of annotations to a BIM program, especially the ability to use keynotes in a drawing. Drawing objects are only one-half of the architect’s design documents – notes and annotations are the other half. A drawn object is meaningless in any set of design documents without an annotation that identifies what the drawn object represents, in the form of a legend, note, keynote, or some other written description. Keynotes need to be – easy to access easy to extract information from for use downstream, to develop specifications easy to edit, especially global revisions to identical keynotes throughout the document set. Currently, Vectorworks fails in each of these key areas. The current notes database scheme is arcane and difficult to use. There is not an easy way for users to extract information from the notes database – while it is possible report the database to a worksheet, inexplicably, data for the actual note is not accessible in a report. But the most significant failure in my view is the inability to globally edit identical notes within the program. Through the life a design project, notes must be revised numerous times, including – refining notes as the design becomes more specific correcting errors coordinating the entire set of notes to a standard Under the current Vectorworks keynotes design, a task as simple as correcting a spelling error requires finding and changing every instance of that keynote in the documents, a process that is painful, does not take advantage of automation, and is likely to introduce errors. Revit is not any better at keynotes documentation – in my view this creates both an opportunity and a threat for Vectorworks. We can spend more resources to implement a functional keynotes system and move ahead of other programs in this regard, or wait for Autodesk to develop a better keynotes scheme and fall behind.
  8. I have a Keynotes Legend where the *.txt documents are saved on a server. The server has had an issue and being repaired, so now the keynotes legend shows as multiple NAs as trying to reference the old folder location. If I click on remove gaps I get a crash withe the Exception Code c000041d. I have gone to Text>Reconcile Notes and redirected all the callouts to a copy of the *.txt documents on my C: so no longer looking at the server. Have tried a few times but after clicking the final OK, VW goes into unresponsive mode. Following an earlier topic I have allowed VW to keep running rather than closing in the hope that it will finally work. Its been over 30 minutes, Im wondering if I should keep waiting, or is this a bug?
  9. General Notes and Keynote Legends should be Resource assets which can be placed on multiple Sheets. In the Resource Browser (or the pending Manager), you could have a Notes Folder which has 'Exterior Elevation Keynotes', 'Floor Plan Keynotes', etc. That way I can have the same set of Keynotes on multiple Exterior Elevation Sheets, for example. Right now, if you have two sheets of exterior elevations or floor plans, you cannot use Sheet Layer Viewport annotations and automatically have Keynote 12 be the same on both sheets. If you want to have coordinated keynotes across multiple sheets, you have to do all your annotations on a Design Layer. Then you have to make a specific SLVP for the Keynote Legend on each sheet.
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