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  1. Sky

    ID Label Tool

    I can't figure out what to put in the Database Headers of my Wall Legend worksheet to use the Wall > Data > Description text. Could you help me?
  2. I can not figure out what to put in the Database Headers of my Wall Legend worksheet to use the Wall > Data > Description text. Can anyone help me?
  3. Sky

    ID Label Tool

    Thank you. I thought I was going crazy. It spent 20 minutes trying to look for it. I’ll see if I can familiarize myself with Data Tag and see how I can make it work for me.
  4. I still have not solved this error...
  5. Sky

    ID Label Tool

    Is there no ID Label Tool anymore? I can't find it in the menu and there is no reference to it in the VW2019 Help documentation.
  6. @klinzey I deleted a folder in the Library and one in the application folder I think. Luckily I have a second license for my laptop and will try taking that Vision folder and putting it back on my desktop application folder to eliminate this error message.
  7. So I got this same error in VW2019 after resetting my preferences. Is there any way to resolve it other than reinstalling the software?
  8. @Vasil Kitanov That's fantastic! Looking forward to the SP3 release.
  9. Sky

    Dormer Issues

    @Jim Smith I don't know if it is every dormer, but I tried recreating the same roof in VW2019 and had the exact same problem.
  10. That resolved the issue! (Can't believe I spent 3 months suffering like this when it was so easy to fix)
  11. Another user suggested I reset preferences. I will try that when I get into the office before I contact tech. Thank you very much.
  12. I'd be very happy if this was fixed in VW2019. I would prefer only running a single version.
  13. Sky

    Dormer Issues

    @Matt Panzer Hi Matt, do you know how to follow up on bug reports? This bug is still not fixed in VW2019. Manually making dormers is a real pain. Thanks.
  14. @Jeremy Best I didn't not see your reply until now, but I will give it a try. I'm finding that my MacBook Pro is also not releasing RAM after a rendering either. Maybe this might solve my other problem as well - renderings will completely go white when it finishes - but only on my Mac Pro. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.
  15. @Vladislav Peichev Your suggestion that this is not a bug seems utterly absurd. Your further suggestion that I should not use the Counter Top object or the Counter Top option in a Base Cabinet object and instead use the FLOOR TOOL or manually make an EXTRUSION to solve my counter top problems is even more absurd. Why even have a Counter Top object if it can't display correctly in 2D?
  16. @Jim Wilson It's been almost a year since I reported that the Revit import was broken in VW2018. It remains broken in VW2019. To import a Revit file, I need to open up VW2017, import Revit file, save it, then open it in VW2019. It works, but it is a hassle. Any chance that this will be fixed in an upcoming SP?
  17. @Selin @Jim Wilson I still can not render in VW2019 running High Sierra on my Mac Pro (Late 2013), but I can on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017). Is this something that can be resolved in an upcoming SP? It's been almost 3-months of crazy software gymnastics to work on the fast machine and render on the slow, portable machine.
  18. Any reaction from Vectorworks?
  19. I am not sure how much more I can put up with. I really hope VW2020 stops adding new functions and fixes all the stuff that isn't working. 1. I have to use VW2017 for importing Revit objects from plumbing and kitchen manufacturers. When importing into VW2018 and VW2019, you can see it while it imports, but when it is done, nothing is there! I can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet. 2. I have to use VW2018 for rendering. When I render in VW2019 on my Mac Pro, you can see the rendering but as soon as it finishes, the box goes blank! It doesn't do that on my MacBook Pro, but it is much slower than the MacPro. 3. If I do more than one rendering in VW2018, it progressively eats up more and more memory until I have to force quit the app. So I need to do each one and a time, quit the app, start again, and do another rendering. Where I used to be able to run 4 to 6 renderings overnight, I am stuck checking on the rendering every hour so I can start a new one. 4. I see so many complaints about VW2019 on Mojave, I haven't bothered upgrading to Mojave yet no matter how many annoying pop-ups my MacOS gives me. Why am I paying a annual fee for an app that progressively gets less useful for me? I have to run 3 versions of Vectorwork to do everything I need to. Not only that, but to render, I have to save down from v2019 to a v2018 file. If VW2020 doesn't fix these, I'll need to bite the bullet and switch to something else. The learning curve is going to be bad, but I need something that actually works. SO FRUSTRATED ALREADY!!!
  20. I have the same problem doing Final renderings since VW2018. I can only do one rendering at a time and then I need to restart the computer to free up memory. If I try to do two Renderworks Final renderings, it will use up all the memory and ask me to force quit the appplication. This happens both on my MacBook Pro (2018) with 16GB and my Mac Pro (late 2013) with 64 GB.
  21. It's still doing this. Did anyone figure out what the problem is?
  22. @Mark Aceto Thank you for the suggestion but that was just an example for Jim to test. Some manufacturers provide DWG and some Revit and others both. I also have this issue with Toto because they only provide Revit. Anyway, this topic is supposed to be on Mojave compatibility. Thank you @Jim Wilson for testing that for me!
  23. @Aspect_Design This is sooooooooo far off topic. All I asked is if 2017 Vectorworks Revit import will still work if I upgrade to Mojave. I don't have time to contact 30 different manufacturers for every restaurant I work on. And I didn't post on this forum to be a part of someone else's agenda to promote an open format. It is ridiculous for people to suggest that the answer to my problem is to contact EVERY RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER!?! This is not support. This is not helpful. This is not realistic. This is a waste of time. @Jim Wilson After SP2, Revit equipment files are still not importing properly. I can see the objects as they import, but once it is finished, there is nothing there. This is the first thing I check every time a new SP comes out. I would post the file here, but RFA files are not allowed. You can download the a revit file for a True Mfg refrigerator here: http://truefoodservice.kclcad.com/Mobile/?search=T-43
  24. @shorter I'm glad you have the luxury of banning a file format; I do not. Your comments are condescending and unhelpful. Please keep your opinions about my work and how I use Vectorworks to yourself next time. @rgcn If I had to contact every restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturer to produce files for me that I can use in my projects, I would never get my work done. Do you know how much equipment goes into even the smallest restaurants? And how many different manufacturers there are? I DON'T KNOW WHY I HAVE TO DEFEND MY ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE ON THIS "SUPPORT" FORUM. INSTEAD OF SUPPORT, PEOPLE EXPRESS DISDAIN FOR MY NEEDS AND MY PRACTICE!!!! WTF GUYS?!?
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