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  1. A "real" irrigation design module. If VW is not going to include this, please state so. Then maybe one of our talented 3rd party developers will create the module for us.
  2. Thom

    Grass 3D symbols

    Sorry guys - should have been more specific. Was not thinking of turf, but of grass plants used individually in the landscape as an ornamental. thks
  3. Does anyone know where I can find in the libraries or to buy - grass 3D symbols. Either I am not looking in the right places or they are well hidden. I do not see any for purchase either. thks
  4. Hmmmmm, I always use 3D Polys (open pads)within one fence. I have problems getting good results using 3D loci.
  5. I would like to see search functions expanded for the user list to include discipline and location - i.e. - I am looking for a architectural or engineering firm that uses VW (gotta support our group) for a project in the Revelstoke, Camloops, Calagary, Vernon, or Kelowna areas of BC. It is tough going through 415 pages of users.
  6. Actually Frank, a better response would be - "There is no way to change the color, but we should look at the issue, as this would make our product more user friendly."
  7. Describe your base data - Is it AC 2009? Can you have your data supplier resend the data in a earlier AC version?
  8. Renderworks is the only part of VW that uses two cores. The rest of the program uses only a single core. It would take a major rewrite to bring VW up to current hardware technology.
  9. As I understand, only Renderworks works with the video card, otherwise much of the graphics is processor driven.
  10. Here is one that my people use on occasion with very good results. http://www.kerkythea.net/joomla/index.php
  11. Actually, while graphics do count in landscape design, cost and ease of use are more important. Ask any AC user, they produce graphics by using photoshop. The landscape module is limited (IMHO) in marketplace by lack of education of AC users, and by not having an valid irrigation module included or available from a 3rd party vendor.
  12. Thom


    Use a "open pad", convert a polyline to a pad using the objects from a polyline command. You can also give it a starting elevation and slope
  13. VW only accesses one core, Renderworks will access two.
  14. If I understand the way VW works, it probably has more to do with your processor speed.
  15. So Frank - what does that mean in terms of timing. Not in the foreseeable future. At least 5 years out. Maybe in two years.
  16. While I have found open pads to be the dtm users best friend, I really desire a better roadway tool I would like to be able to dictate cross slopes, crown's, ditches. I would like to be able to make changes easily, without messing up the dtm A possible concept would be to draw a template and extrude along a path. Really dreaming, this would be linked to a live section where we could make changes that would adjust the dtm. It would also be nice to link separate sections together and dictate verticle curves.
  17. A few years back, Matt at Panzer (if I remember right) was going to an irrigation module add-on. Then VW decided they were going to make it a part of their program. Now that has went away, maybe if VW would state that they will not be doing an irrigation module for xxxx years, someone would develop the package for us. I do know of a few firms that will not consider VWL until there is a valid irrigation package.
  18. What is VW official status on getting us a "real" module. They started to work on one, then it seems to have died. Prefer a response from VW.
  19. I have done several small reveg projects for gravel mining. Just starting another one now. I mainly use the plant tools in a normal sense of the word.
  20. Has anyone tried VW with a beta Windows 7? 7 is supposed to be able to address more ram.
  21. As I noted above, I have stripped the polylines and loci to the bare minimum that I deem reliable for this 5 acre site. I ran a rebuilt, "clean" dtm last night and it took 1.5 hours to complete the task. I did check with my civil to see what his setting were for civil 3D and they were set much tighter as he says he is fairly anal about calcs.
  22. After many calls to tech, reducing the number of loci to less than 750 loci, I still cannot predict if the process will work. At best it takes 45 min. A civil engineer friend allowed me to set the model up in Civil 3D and it took 3 min. to run the calc. We need some new, efficient code.
  23. What version of VWL are you using?
  24. I know of three firms and one that would have but bought Land FX because they did not want to wait, that will convert to VWL when or if it has a viable irrigation module.
  25. Been begging for this tool since I began with VW in 99. I think it was Panzercad that was going to work on this as an add on, then he dropped it because VW was going to develop the tool. That was a couple of years ago if I remember right. I have told VW that the main objection I hear to not moving to VWL besides some AC issues, is the lack of a relevant irrigation tool. We need to be more vocal or perhaps someone will make this a 3rd party add-on.
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