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  1. I am new to Landmark and an attempting to figure out how to berm a structure. I have created a site model and placed a massing model on it, half buried in the site model. I them extend a landscaping wall extending from the bottom of my massing model extending out a few feet then turning up at an angle and extending to a contour line at my desired elevation. I adjust my wall to extend over the required base and height. I then place a pad within the junction of my massing model and my landscaping walls and extending back to my desired elevation. I set my pad elevation to the desired elevation. I cannot get the pad to build my needed contours. I have tried individual fences, using a fence over the entire area and several variations to no avail. Any suggestions?
  2. I am using VW2008 and it exhibits the same behavior, it does not conform to ANSE standards. Why does the second arrow turn back on itself?


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