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  1. Hi everyone, I work at an interior design office and we started modeling in 3D for a few months now. Whenever i try to make a Vertical section cut/view my program start to run very slow. Abviously because it has a lot to render. I start by making the section cut line in a presentation layer on the ground plan and i tell vectorworks to place the view on my "02_Section-presentation" in Wireframe. So far so good. When i have all the right stuff visible and i'm content i tell the view to make it shaded and than it starts to either render really slow on my macbook pro (m1) and on my Windows PC it starts to freak out and the screen slashes black and white. The DPI for the Presentation layer is 50. (300 when i get to printing) The drawing is just a simple restaurant, 35 chairs, 7 tables, and some stuff on the wall. Is there anyway to do this proces more.. Safely, faster..? Am i missing some hardcore tips here? (Windows PC is a Decent system with 16gb's of ram - Basicially a very up to date gaming system) I hope someone can shed some light or tips. Thanks! Grts Fré
  2. Hi everyone, While working in interior cad I move some pieces around from time to time to adjust the dimensions of the unit I'm crafting. But when moving certain object that contain mites, the mites often don't move along. Or when I grab a corner of a piece, I end up taking just the mite. This results in me checking the model over and over again to see if the mites are still in place or simply there. Slowing me down significantly. How can I guard myself against this? Should I create groups of each piece containing a few mites? Am I missing an option? Thank you. Stay creative! F.G.
  3. Hi @Stephan Moenninghoff, thank you for the tip and what a great website! This will help a lot. Thank you so much! 🙂
  4. Hi everyone, Is it possible to create a new set of materials in interior cad? At our company, we work with some wood materials and finishing that aren't available in interior cad. Is there an option to just create one out of thin air? Give it a name, thickness etc. Also for the sides.. Hope someone can help me 🙂 Stay creative!
  5. Hi, In what version are these options available? I'm working with vectorworks (Architecture) 2022.. And i don't merely get these options you are showing in your screenshots. Thanks!
  6. Hello, New to Vectorworks and the forum! I have a question i can't seem to figure out. I'd like the windows that i drew in this construction, to be all the in front of the building instead of in the middle of the wall opening. Any ideas? Kind regards, Fre
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