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  1. Hi, I have changed the wall fills in the design layer and now can't get them to show in viewport floor plan. What setting have I missed? Many thanks, Simon
  2. This is probably more a 'change to Vista' problem... I have lost my fonts from XP (some of which I added). My archive drawings have reverted to Arial for all fonts and this has left me with problems of sizing and aesthetics. Additionally, most of the fonts listed now in my version of Vectorworks, all show and print as Arial... What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  3. Thanks David, That did the trick... I appreciate the help. Simon
  4. Hi, I'm enquiring about QT Virtual Reality Export- How can lighting be controlled or changed? Can the Heliodon tool(from OZcad) be used to control lighting- if so how? Or the Sun tool? I am setting up the model with a light source, but the finished product is rendering way too dark? Any suggestions would be appreciated... Many thanks, Simon
  5. Thanks Tim, They look great. Have you or others had experience creating a fly around or walk through and converting this for viewing on a DVD? Simon
  6. Hi, Is it possible to convert a Quicktime movie so it can viewed using a DVD player? I'd be interested in any feedback... Many Thanks, dontevenjoke
  7. With apologies to COMJAX- My mouse slipped and I accidentally click on "Yes always" when I was asked if Petri was an over-righteous self-appointed hall-monitor-to-the-entire-world who can't get out of his own way and see that his pathetically blinkered view of the world stems from the frozen permafrost he inhabits - his pitiable narrow-mindedness. Is this the forum for whether or not you agree with firearms? Careful Petri, or you might be waving a word like 'idiot' around and it may discharge and you may shoot yourself in the foot, which would be a pity because your foot would be firmly planted in your mouth at the time. I probably shouldn't use the word discharge as it may be confused with the dribble that flows from Petri's posts.I would suggest that the reason gun lobbyists exist is because of people like Petri and their blanket criticisms of people they don't know or understand.
  8. You guys are planet savers! Well, My planet anyway... Thanks very much. I was creating the floor first then trying to render it. Again gratitude,
  9. I have used the floor tool to create a floor slab but I can't understand why it's not rendering on the top and bottom faces. All I get with any rendering is the edges. Have I got a setting turn off or what? Many thanks.
  10. Thank you very much Ray... That is a godsend and I have zero problems with much improved speed, what a great program. I was thinking I might cleanout some other drivers and see if I can tweak my system further. Thanks to George as well...
  11. Just an added thought... It seems to happen if I have an item selected and then change views and render, or stack layers and render. Is this a driver issue and should I uninstall the driver and go back to original? Thanks,
  12. I have an unusual problem... When I render with open GL and switch to stack layers or change of view the screen goes black and then the view turns to what looks like exploding shards of glass going in all directions recognizible only by the colours and textures on some of the shards. I have Nvidia 5200 ultra video card with updated driver. I am not taking any substances or chemicals that may cause this problem.
  13. Hi Michael, Well I'd have to say that we might be better catered for than the USA, only because of the add-ons that we get for the local markets here in Australia. While I don't know much about the US VW, and I don't want to add fuel to the 'who's more advanced in the world' debate, or the 'why do Australians have to pay extra' debate...I still think we get a great product and really good support, thanks to Julian Carr. We get localised windows and door objects(even different styles used on the East Coast or West Coast), and most of the textures and materials peculiar to Australia. The heliodon tool is great for the Aussie market, as we are trying to keep sun out of our buildings due to the sheer amount of it we have to endure. Plus, we get great detailing add-ons, Oz handrail add-on and a great precast wall feature. I have noticed that England seems to be a bit neglected compared, based on other posts. And fair call, there haven't been many positive remarks, but good comments probably aren't going to be as forthcoming as negative press. The best advice I got from the forum is to buy on the rerelease (the old .5 release) cycle even though I'm itching to have the new gear now. And as for your holiday in the South of France, I'm as jealous as all the other Aussies who need to set aside 48 hours to fly and recover just to get to France, so good health to you. Anyway, I hear your points and they are fair...
  14. Michael, Have you tried St.John's Wort, Camomile Tea, warm baths or getting more sunshine? Could it be that you're just a little depressed and this is clouding your view of VW2008? Your posts the last week have been a bit sad. Could I suggest getting some treatment, and by the time you're back VW2008-13.5 will have added extra features and with your new lease on life you will be Mr.PositiveVW and all will be well in the world. Alternately, move to Australia... You'll get all the local paint charts, and windoor, and balcony tool, heliodon tool (needed cos we have so much sun)... ...and all the sunshine you need to balance your seratonin. Cheers Mikey
  15. Thanks Katie, A usual case of domestic blindness on my part. Thanks again.
  16. I have tried to select the following from 'My Stuff' - 'Preferences': By default should anything added to your Watch Lists be emailed to you? No But I continue to get emails as if this is ticked yes? Have I missed a selection in a place other than in 'my stuff -preferences'? I have hunted around but can't find what I'm missing. Thanks
  17. These can be changed in colour so if there are too many you can set up different sets of lines in their own classes. These don't print so they may also go in non-plot. I find they are invaluable in setting up architectural drawings. Also, for more information on the locus and it's many uses, tune into the podcast at http://www.podcad.tv. Pat and Dan visit with Francois Levy and workshop the locii from alot of different angles.
  18. Could I ask what specs NNA are using on their machines? I'm in the market for a new machine and I want it to operate as smoothly as possible. Any other feedback as to how the maximum performance can be squeezed out of VW would be appreciated. I want to go PC with Vista. I have no experience with mac but any feedback on that would be good too.
  19. Katie, do you still have the data display bar, or can you rely on the head up display and the OIP. Also, can the data display bar be removed?
  20. Ray, I find it pretty touchy too. It is incremental so if you just move the cursor a very small distance it starts slower and builds speed the further from the origin you move it. Also, I found there are some settings in your mouse software, that accelerate or intensify the accuracy of the mouse. I changed this setting, dull it down just a little, and it wasn't so much like a rodent on crack with dysentry trying to find a loo. Hope this helps
  21. Hi Pat, I still don't quite get it... just kidding. That movie was great. Yeah that's a pretty good way to get around the window...Thanks, Simon
  22. Sorry David, I just meant to start where you were, rather than going thru the above steps and then going on from the extruded drawing. Sorry for the confusion. My attempt looks like Ray's example except I closed the lines with a nil radius fillet.
  23. Mike, You are a legend... I tried some of those steps, but not in the right order. Thanks again...
  24. Then start as a drawing and trim all the interior or unwanted lines. See the help file on all the functions of the trim command. Then follow above steps.I gave this a go and it works.
  25. Hi Pat, I gave it a try but I'm missing something. Do you have only one wall? If so, how do you make a separation of the two sections?
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