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  1. The thing is it's not "my object." It's a bolt I placed in the drawing using the "Fastener Tool" It's just in this drawing that I've encountered this.
  2. Nope, it's got fill. Tried by class and by selecting it. The only way I've found around it is to convert it to a group.
  3. Leaving work now, I'll check back in the morning.
  4. And it not just this bolt. Any new hardware I make up using the Fastener Tool in MD I get the same results.
  5. Nope. Not attached to it nor the class.
  6. For some reason VW's twisted sense of humor has decided to rear its' ugly head and tick me off today. Why when I do any type of rendering why does my bolt look like this? It's ONLY doing it in this drawing. If I Ctrl+C it out and paste it into a new drawing it's fine.
  7. Sorry I'm going off on this tangent but............ I may not be attaching records the way you think I am so here's how I attach most of them. I went back and found how I've explained how I created my symbols. Here's an old link I posted here. LINK 1. Create your symbol. 2. Delete it from your drawing screen. 3. Select it from your resource browser, right click, edit symbol. 4. While in the edit symbol mode DON'T SELECT the symbol. Just click on the screen so nothing is selected. 5. NOW ATTACH your record and set your defaults. When you import the symbol it will now show the record when you click on it after it has been imported into your drawing. NOTE: If you change the record AFTER you've inserted a symbol it only changes the record on that single symbol NOT all of them.
  8. I just checked, all my symbols are black.
  9. So that's what "convert to group" means when I was creating my symbols. Thanks.
  10. Right I understand about, what I call, the "core symbol" being what is referenced when I place a symbol into a drawing. One thing that I should note is that what you said in red above does not apply to records to symbols already placed with a drawing. I learned that one the hard way.
  11. Thanks. I'll have to try those ideas.
  12. In my ever expanding adventures into VW I've begun getting into the rendering aspect of the program and I've hit quite a wall. Am I to understand this correctly; If I have say a structure with 50 of the same symbols, say flanges, and I want to render the assembled structure I'm going to have to make a separate flange symbol for each texture? I can't just apply a texture to the symbol after it's placed? Or I'm going to have to take each symbol after it's placed into the drawing and "convert to group" and then ungroup that? Or am I missing something? TIA AJ
  13. I just set mine to ask me to save every 15 operations. I like that option better. It's better, and easier in my view, to remember what I did the last 15 steps not what I did in the last 15 mins.
  14. OK I've found the font file in XP but I can't move/save it. wtf?
  15. I'm using XP and I need to put the font onto a Mac.


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