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  1. Tech support called me back and solved the problem of the "invalid" serial number in about 5-minutes. FYI...Check the installation DVD. Under "2009", does it say "Series E"? That means "Educational" disk and not a "Professional" disk.
  2. It seems like the whole point of the poll is to determine that the stair tool is lacking in functionality. Much improvement is needed in the tool for it to work well enough to use consistently. Hopefully all of the feedback will be put to good use to implement a 'new & improved' stair tool.
  3. Our serial number is 'invalid' as well. What's worse, NNA doesn't have a toll free number and I'm calling from Oregon. During my time on hold, somehow I was disconnected and had to re-enter the hold queue...not impressed with this process.
  4. Thanks for your quick reply Peter. I tried your suggestion earlier while trying to figure it out on my own. What is confusing is where the foreground/background line is drawn. Is there a way to designate that line? In this elevation (and others), the symbol (a WC) is in front of the wall, yet I can't differentiate between the distances. I want the background (walls) to be hidden line, and the foreground (WC) to be rendered. Does that make sense? Thanks again...it sounds like I need to schedule a trip to Ashland for some training. I usually drive down at least once a year for the Festival.
  5. I've been using VW for awhile, but am trying to expand my knowledge by drafting in 3D. I have a model that uses imported 2D symbols (a WC, etc). I just figured out how to use a section viewport and switch the configuration to elevation. Great! However, I want to show the elevations in "hidden line" mode...which makes the WC appear as a wireframe model. Is there a way to cover the wireframe only with Open GL or some skin? Maybe using multiple viewport layers? I really want to begin to utilize more of VW's features and not have to import specific 2D elevations of every appliance/fixture in the model just for the elevations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I searched through the forums and found this answer on how to turn off wall lines that run through the doorway. Thanks!
  7. Well, by upgrading to Adobe Reader 8.0.1, I am able to export to PDF files. Hope this helps someone else in the future.
  8. Hi, Again I have been unable to locate a similar issue that I am experiencing in the forums...I guess I'm cursed. I'm using VW2008, from a viewport sheet, I'm trying to export the viewport as a PDF file. I get the following error: "Bad font object or font descriptor object". What ends up happening is that only a portion of my drawing is exported to Adobe (5.0), and the majority of my drawing is missing (i.e. stops the exporting process part way through). How do I locate what is causing the issue? Thanks so much for any help.
  9. Okay, I thought someone was going to tell me that. Thanks for the response.
  10. Hi All, I'm having trouble with the stair tool and am hoping someone has a fix. I'm using VW2008 and used the stair tool to add a flight of stairs. The top 14 steps are all the same width; however, the bottom 4 steps all flair out on one side and progressively widen. How can I edit each of these four steps so that they don't "punch through" the adjacent wall and simply die into it? Attached is a quickly rendered image. The stair in question is outlined in orange. All help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Thank you. Both are viable options; however, it would be nice to have the feature from VW in 12.5.3.
  12. So, is there a way to export a worksheet to a DWG file. I have a sheet with an embedded worksheet, plus other lines/graphics. When I export the sheet, I get everything EXCEPT the worksheet. Thanks
  13. Files and message sent to tech support. I hope they can come up with something.
  14. NOOOOPE...upgrading to 12.5.1 did not work. Anyone have a suggestion?
  15. I just started getting this error with version 12.5. It's funny, the same consultant has been sending me drawings that open up just fine, but these new (larger) files are causing problems. I'll upgrade and report back. The upgrade to 12.5.1 is also supposed to solve the "linear material" edit crash that was reported as well. Here's to hoping...I just wanted to finish this project before upgrading.
  16. I have the same problem. Just got this e-mail (today)from VW about this bug I reported on 2/21/2007. "I believe this bug has been resolved in VectorWorks 12.5.1. The update can be downloaded from the following location: http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/fundamentals/version12/12.5.1.php Now to finish up this project and then update VW!
  17. Thanks for the tips. I'm a convert from SketchUp! and am slowly figuring out the class vs layer differences. I only wish I had more than two months to learn VW and complete all of my construction documents before actual construction starts...many drawings to produce before Spring! I?m glad I figured out how to create detail sheets from my floor plan! Thanks again, AVD
  18. I want to have multiple layers with some layers visible, grayed out, and others invisible. I can create the layers that I need in the layers organization dialog box; I move the triangle visibility icon to set various layers to visible, gray, or invisible. Now the fun, objects on a layer with visibility set to gray do not appear gray on the active sheet. The objects simply disappear. I can only see the gray or invisible object when its layer is active. I would think that setting an objects visibility to ?gray? would show the object on other layers, but the object would be gray. What is going on? Sorry for the newbie question. I've looked through the manuals and searched the forums. Any help is really appreciated.
  19. Put me on the instant notification list when THIS feature is enabled. It boggles my mind that VW does not support print previews...especially for a Windows box! Clearly this needs to be resolved.
  20. With the border selected, the Object Info Palette is titled: Object Info - Shape Directly below the tabs (in bold) "Drawing Border" I have an image capture of the Object Info Palette, but haven't figured out how to post an image in the forums yet. [Edit for content] "File attachment has been turned off for these borads." See FAQ's. Too bad. Thanks for your response Katie.
  21. I just switched over to VW12.5 and am enjoying it so far (I'm really new to this application). How do I hide the drawing border when the "check box" is grayed out? My current view in VW does not show the drawing border, yet it still prints. I've searched in the forums and the online manuals but haven't located it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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