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  1. That is probably what causing the problem, thanks
  2. This is a very frustrating issue. After creating a drawing saving and leaving, when you come back to edit the draw you find that there are 3 lines (all the same size) instead of one. In one case we had 6!! We are having this problem over all our workstations in our office. We are sure that we are not just duplicating the drawing by accident, as a couple the people have duplications set to offset not leave where it is. Help please....
  3. Updating to 12.5.1 seems to have solved the problem
  4. VW is crashing when I come to edit any hatch ceated using the stipple tool in architect. Its not a consistant crash as it only sometimes does it crash when I double clik on the hatch of times its as as I'm moving the vertexies around. is there a solution to this? Sorry about the spelling.
  5. Is it possible in Vectorworks (any version, but mainly 12) to open up a set of drawings spreed accross 2 screens, so it is possible to have one drawing open on 1 screen and another on the other screen. This would be a handy feature if it is not already possible. We have ended up sretching Vectorworks across both screens to allow us to achive this.
  6. Simply is vectorworks going to allow us to alter the shortcuts that are available to us. As with the vw12.5 we no longer have a shortcut for the offset tool, its not like its been re-assigned to another tool. That would make vectorworks more efficient to use for me and many other people who are getting fed up with almost impossible to remember shortcuts and when we do get to remember them, they get changed in the next update.
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