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  1. The update to VW 12.5.1 solved the problem. Thank you for your help. Jon
  2. Katie, I sent the file to tech a few days ago and have yet to hear back on the 309 error. Do you have anything to help me import these files. I've reloaded VW 12.5 and get the same problem. Jon
  3. Once I have imported the file in VW 11, save it and then open in VW 12 there are no problems other than the typical AutoCAD to VW translation glitches we all deal with.
  4. Anyone know how to resolve a Open DWG Library Error 309? I get this error message when trying to import an AutoCAD dwg file from a consultant. Using VW 12.5 on Mac OS 10.4.8. I can successfully open the file on VW 11 but don't enjoy going backward to do it. Any help is appreciated. Jon
  5. Thanks to all for responding. I was hoping for something a little quicker, but since we do have the old versions of Minicad around and I will attempt to go that route. I just started to run into this problem and we have a lot of drawings done in minicad 6 and 7 that we never converted to newer versions of Vectorworks. I guess now we have something for our intern to do this summer. Thanks again.
  6. Does anyone know how I can convert an old drawing created in minicad 6 to Vectorworks 10? Our office has been using minicad / vectorworks for years and an old client has asked us for a copy of a plan we generated years ago in minicad 6. When I try to open it up in Vectorworks 10 however it says it is not supported and suggests contacting Nemetschek. We are running Vectorworks 10.1 on Mac OS X.2.4. Any ideas?
  7. Katie - Thank you for your response. I look forward to a future update that will fix the problem. Peter - That was a good idea and I would have done that but I had already overwritten the backup file with this one because it was working fine the day I imported the photoshop image. It appears that once you quit vectorworks for the day or session, then the bug occurs. I'll just have to remember to delete the image before I save an quit next time.
  8. Hello Katie: I do not have classic running (hardly ever do) nor any other programs and have tried to open the file many times with no success. I would send you the file but it is huge (113 MB). Can you receive files of this size? We normally don't have files this big but the photoshop image had detail we needed to trace creating the great file size. Besides the image, the file is pretty basic. Any other suggestions?
  9. Also, my computer has 768 MB on a G4.
  10. Katie: I have nothing else running. My computer has OS 10.2.2 (jaguar) and vectorworks (landmark) 10.0.1 on it. Normally I don't have classic running but in this case I did restart in Classic Mode, but that didn't work either - even after bumping the memory.
  11. We are unable to open a VW file (113 mb) that has a photoshop image within it. At first VW seems like it will open it but then shoots you out with the "unexpectedly quit" notice. We are running OSX and VW 10 on a Mac with plenty of memory. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. A good way to create a pdf of a drawing that size is to save it a s a postscript file from the print menu. If you have adobe distiller for OS 9 then open classic and just drop it into the distiller icon and it will create your pdf. It is actually pretty fast with the exception of opening classic.
  13. I too am running VW 9.5.2 in OSX (10.1.4) on a PowerPC G4 and find it to be very slow. Even after a restart the progam bogs down in no time and progressively gets worse the longer it runs. I've gotten to the point where no other program can be running and I have to reboot 3 or 4 times a day. Very frustrating! Our small office uses an ethernet with all files residing on in the HD. If anyone has a clue how to speed up VW I would love to hear it.
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