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  1. The problem arose when I opened a 12.5 file in 2008. Now in 2008, I can start a new file and place a door in a wall without the wall lines visibl3e. When I cut and paste that wall in the converted file, it appears with the wall lines included. Obviously it is a setting problem with the converted file, but where? All doors are looking the same and all show wall settings are turned off.
  2. I am having trouble with lines that I have made, in a dash mode. They can hardly be seen, and I initiated them in black, and they are appearing in blue. Also, a friend sent me a copy of a file I sent to him, in V12-V11, and the entire working window had what looked like check marks all over the page. Even when I backed away from my work sheet, the window was covered. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. No 'VectorWorks Log' file is being created in the VW12 folder even though the log time in program is checked. Why not. When I use 11.5 to work on old projects it logs fine.
  4. Yes, both computers are running OS9.2.2 My second seat is running on a G4 w/ OS10.2, but I haven't ried my files on it. Yes there are lots of extensions loading and it takes for ever. Note that the Powerbook does not have the same Extension group nor as many but experiences the similar problem. The slowness appears on every file, however it was most noticable on a file which employs a large # of symbols on a single drawing which are also being counted. I have noticed that when I first open the file I can grab loci, move symbols, but that soon it slows down as if it were rerendering or performing some other function off screen for which I have to wait. I can grab move and duplicate those symbols in the same file on 9.5.2 at normal speed always. There are no error messages just freezes. The freezes are like what occurs when I used to ask for a rendering which exceeded the ram capacity. Perhaps some of the freezes were just my impatience with a several minute wait to recover control of the cursor.
  5. Memory is not the problem. I have 256M of ram allocated to VW. Also that wouldn't explain why 9.9.2 works so much better; or would it?
  6. I am running files heavy with symbols on OS9.2.2 and have found that on VW9.5 they runn normally, byt on VW10 it taked forever to get the cursor to pick a point, render a move, etc. VW10 is much slower than 9.5 with the same file. And it is the same when I run ithem on my Powerbook G3. From the other comments, there is something going on here. I have crashed, but usually it is just very slow.
  7. What is the best way to move an object along a path in such a manner as to create an animation for example, of parts sliding together. Obviously rendering and exporting successive frames is very time consuming. How can I automate this best?
  8. I would suggest adding the print utility "PrinttoPDF" from www.jwwalker.com. I have used it with 8.5.2 with great success.
  9. I have loaded LayerMap onto VW 8.5.2 on My G3 with OS9. The LayerMap window does not display layer names, although the script works fine. Anybody know why?
  10. I do not have Acrobat PDF Printer. I have tried sending Tiff file to Adobe website for translation, without success, to see if Acrobat works, before buying it. Do you know, is PDF Printer only available with Acrobat?
  11. What is the path to exporting an image file which can be processed by Acrobat into an at scale printable document. I note that exporting to Tiff files apparently exports only the active layer.
  12. I wish to be able to send Mac based VW sheets to clients for printing only. Is there a way to provide .pdf or a inique VW Read/Print Only format or utility; if not can one be created?
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