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  1. fyi- I did a custom page size for the column and the exported as a pdf.. as a work around....
  2. It's long text file that I need in a column pdf include page breaks ugh...
  3. Greeting... any suggestion to importing a word doc (with all of it's formatting into VW 2009 drawing? thank you in advance Kyle
  4. We tried that too :-( bummer Kyle
  5. HI Here is our story Trying to install VW 2009 (we have four lic two Designer w/RW and two fund w/RW Every time after we enter a serial number,the installation just quits. we have repeated the process may times. we are (trying) to installing Vector Works on TWO brand new PC Dell Precision T3400 intel core2 quad processor Window XP - service Pack 3 2g Of RAM installed / upgrading more RAM today (total of 4) Help ? is this just a case of bad disk or are we just missing something? thank you in advance Kyle
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