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  1. Mostly to have collapsable parameter sets. The window and door tools have a load of options I do not use and to be able to collapse these so I can get at the ones I do use quicker would be very helpful. Also you could "re"increase the point select box/line. Its harder to use now it is small.
  2. Not the most elegant solution but you could duplicate the eyedropper tool in your plugins folder and then put the second in a different location in your tool bar. Then you can have one with only classes.
  3. Here is a little script I wrote a while ago to export a DWG for Illustrator. What it does is group everything by class to make things easier to manage in illustrator. Any comments welcome. Script: {Export DWG with Grouped Classes for Illustrator} PROCEDURE Expill; VAR noofcls, classno : LONGINT; ClassH, noOfCl: STRING; BEGIN noofcls:= ClassNum; classno:=1; WHILE classno <= noofcls DO BEGIN ClassH:= ClassList(classno); SelectObj((C= ClassH)); Group; DSelectAll; classno := classno + 1; END; DoMenuTextByName( 'Export DXF/DWG', 0 ); SelectAll; ungroup; DSelectAll; END; Run(Expill);
  4. I have had this problem with quite a few surveys that have only provided 2D information. First of all I have a script that converts all 2D loci to 3D which I can post later. Then the next script is still quite long winded. What it does is if you select the text box with the spot height in it and the 3d loci, it will move the 3D loci in the Z axis to the value in the text box. Surveys normally come in metres and I work millimetres so it times the value by 1000 to move it in mm you can delete that bit if you want. {With a textbox and 3dloci selected it moves the 3D loci in the Z axis to the value in the text box} PROCEDURE ConvTEXTto3DZ; VAR waldo,myHan,h,itemHdl : HANDLE; index,colour : INTEGER; Zme,locX,locY,locZ :REAL; testString,criteria :STRING; BEGIN Locus(0,0); waldo:=LNewObj; myHan:=PrevObj(waldo); DelObject(waldo); itemHdl:= myHan; colour:= 32; WHILE (itemHdl <> NIL) DO BEGIN CASE GetType(itemHdl) OF 10:BEGIN testString:=GetText(itemHdl); Zme:= Str2Num(testString); locZ:= Zme * 1000; {converts meters to mm} SetPenFore(itemhdl,colour); END; 9:BEGIN Move3DObj(itemHdl,0,0,locZ); SetPenFore(itemhdl,colour); END; END; itemHdl:= PrevSObj( itemhdl ); END; END; RUN(ConvTEXTto3DZ); The script also colours both the text box and the 3D loci blue so I know which ones I have done. It still leaves quite a bit of work to do but if you put the script on your right click menu you get through most surveys quite quickly. If anyone has any other faster methods I would love to hear them. Also thanks to waldo for the waldo handle method, I use it a lot.
  5. This would be an amazing feature. However just double checking that you all know that you can great a viewport from a camera view. 1. Set your renderworks camera 2. click display camera view- 3. Click View - Create Viewport. Hope this helps. I know its not as good as linking but its a start.
  6. What are you using to create the pdf? If its adobe try and turn off all compression and then compress it in acrobat later. Or you could just export as an image file and then save as a pdf after via acrobat. But this will produce a pdf image rather than a pdf with vector data. But with most programs allowing people to import PDFs and keep the vector data (VW included) you might be best saving it as an image for copyright reasons.
  7. I am still using 12.5.3 and I have not had any problems so far in snow leopard.
  8. Hello all. I have just discovered a very slight workaround. which is more like a hardworkaround but none the less is can make help. By connecting the 2 3d points with a nurbs curve it shows you the hight depth and width of the curve. which makes it quick easy to perform a quick bit of trigonometry to work out the length.
  9. Thank you Gerrit. However working in a medium sized practice i am reluctant to buy plugins and install them on every computer. Thanks Pat. while this is a rather long winded way of doing it it appears to be the only 'office wide' way. And i dont believe we need a tool to do this. The tools should already be able to do this! Vectorworks knows where the 2 points are in 3d and if you create a 3d line it knows where the line starts and ends it just seems crazy it doesnt tell us how long it is. Thanks for you help
  10. Hello I seem to be having a little bit of a problem measuring a 3d model i have made of steel work. I have mapped out the steelwork in 3d and I have made 3d locus points at all centre points/junctions of the steel and i am looking to find the distance between these points. I tried drawing lines between each point and converting them to 3d polygons but then it doesnt tell me the length of the line. The points are different in all 3 dimensions most of the time so i cant use standard GA drawings to find the dimensions i need all the time. Is there a way to measure the distance between 2 3d locus points without having to rotate the drawing and doing a cos o/a calculation? I feel i am missing something really simple but i just cant seem to find a way i have trawled the manual and this board but to no avail. please help. P.S i am not trying to dimension in 3d (although it would be nice) i just want to be able to measure. I fear i may not have described my problem well enough but the stress is getting to me. any ideas or extra knowledge will be greatly appreciated. regards,
  11. Oh dear. its the same problem i have had with iclip as well. I was just got excited that PTH might work with vectorworks as it was on the vectorworks tech board.
  12. I seem to have a problem with pthpasteboard that when i copy something in vectorworks and try to paste it it comes out as a bad quality jpg rather than the group of objects i wanted it to copy. is there a way to solve this? or does it just mean it doesnt work with vectorworks?


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