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  1. OK, thx. anyway. I'm on VW2019. Sounds like I need to review my user settings.
  2. I did not get this dialogue box. I'm on an iMAC, does that make a difference?
  3. OK, so that did not work. The message did not come back and everything on the class was changed.
  4. Hi All, I've inherited a file and I want to change the class attributes for 'None' and turn on 'use at creation' without changing all the objects already in the drawing. How can I do this? I recall there was a notification that used to pop-up asking if this should apply to 'all objects' or something similar but once this gets turned off, I'm not sure how to turn it back on? Anyone know how to resolve this? Thx.
  5. This would save the changes to a template file for new drawings only? The changes used to take affect immediately in the current file. Any idea how to make changes in a file already in use?
  6. I'm wondering how I can get my plug-ins to update my tools after I have changed the defaults? For instance, I changed my Center Line Marker tool so the default size is 10pt and style 3. It is saved as the default when I check the manager but the tool still uses the system default of 12pt, style 1? How do I get the changes to apply to the tool? I have found this happens with any changes I have tried to make. Restarting VW did not help. Thx.
  7. this tool works great. Thank you!
  8. Thank you. I will try it out.......
  9. Thanks markdd, I tried that and it did not work. There were (0) items associated with Special Record Formats that could be purged. No, we recently upgraded to 2019. Perhaps I need to update my profile !?
  10. Hoping someone can help. The default setting for the width is 3/8" and height is 3/4" which is way to big for what i need. I modified these to .1 and .2 in the Plug-in manager but whenever I use the tool it still gives me the default size. Any info on how to implement this change? Tried restarting. Also deleted the old tool and added it again. Is there an area for modified tools I need to add to my menu instead? Thx in advance for any help.
  11. Thanks Boh. This seems to work. This worked for setting the default Hatch as well. A round about solution but I'll take it. Would be nice if VW would build in a more obvious way to set the defaults.
  12. Thanks Pat. To be more specific, is there a way to set what Line type VW defaults to once a solid line is already drawn and you use the attributes pallet to change it to a line type. For instance, I would like to be able to change a solid line to a 'dashed 1' style line as the default. My current drawing defaults to a fence line type that rarely gets used. Likewise, I have the same issue with changing a solid fill to a hatch. There is currently no way to set a default for a specific hatch after an object is already drawn. Often times the default is not something I would normally use.
  13. I have not found a way to set a default line type and was hoping this feature could be added. My current file always points to an obscure linetype that rarely gets used it would save a lot of time if this could be changed.
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