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  1. JMSarch

    Break Line Tool Defaults

    this tool works great. Thank you!
  2. JMSarch

    Break Line Tool Defaults

    Thank you. I will try it out.......
  3. JMSarch

    Break Line Tool Defaults

    Thanks markdd, I tried that and it did not work. There were (0) items associated with Special Record Formats that could be purged. No, we recently upgraded to 2019. Perhaps I need to update my profile !?
  4. Hoping someone can help. The default setting for the width is 3/8" and height is 3/4" which is way to big for what i need. I modified these to .1 and .2 in the Plug-in manager but whenever I use the tool it still gives me the default size. Any info on how to implement this change? Tried restarting. Also deleted the old tool and added it again. Is there an area for modified tools I need to add to my menu instead? Thx in advance for any help.
  5. JMSarch

    Setting Default Linetype

    Thanks Boh. This seems to work. This worked for setting the default Hatch as well. A round about solution but I'll take it. Would be nice if VW would build in a more obvious way to set the defaults.
  6. JMSarch

    Setting Default Linetype

    Thanks Pat. To be more specific, is there a way to set what Line type VW defaults to once a solid line is already drawn and you use the attributes pallet to change it to a line type. For instance, I would like to be able to change a solid line to a 'dashed 1' style line as the default. My current drawing defaults to a fence line type that rarely gets used. Likewise, I have the same issue with changing a solid fill to a hatch. There is currently no way to set a default for a specific hatch after an object is already drawn. Often times the default is not something I would normally use.
  7. I have not found a way to set a default line type and was hoping this feature could be added. My current file always points to an obscure linetype that rarely gets used it would save a lot of time if this could be changed.
  8. I can not figure out how to remove the solid white fill from doors and windows I'm trying to move to a Demo class. I tried changing the Demo class fill to none and all window component classes to <window class> but no luck? Also tried different combinations of classes and still always has a solid white fill? Changing to a clerestory unit has a fill as well? Anyone know how to resolve this? On VW2018
  9. JMSarch

    Password Protected Layer?

    thanks for the relies. I suspected as much. this seems like it would be an easy feature to add. we can go the PDF route but signing and stamping multi pages PDF documents isn't any better, or any less time consuming, than the old fashioned stamp and ink, aside from ease of electronic transfer.
  10. I am wondering if there is a way to lock and secure a layer and/or class in VW (currently running VW 2013 architect / renderworks) I am looking for a secure way to insert a digital stamp and limit access by others. Thanks.
  11. Hi Matt, I have but I was was hoping to find a quicker (easier way) in lieu of having to open up the eyedropper prefs and change them each time i want to only match the class attributes.
  12. Hello again I am wondering if someone can help me modify this script (or create a new one) that would give me the option to select the class I want to change to instead of changing to a specified class. Procedure CustTool; VAR Name:STRING; Result:BOOLEAN; BEGIN NameClass('A_Notes'); END; Run(CustTool); This was created with the 'Custom tool/attribute' drop down but what I would really like to be able to do is have a command that would create a pick box (or eyedropper?) that I could select the class to match and then apply it to another object, instead of creating a bunch of these commands separately. Can anyone help? Thanks a bunch! JMS
  13. got it thanks guys. I think it's time to start learning the basics for writing vector scripts JMS
  14. Thanks, that works great....but is there a way to add it to the pull down menu so i can add a key command?
  15. Hi All, New here and was hoping someone might have a script handy for the 'show other objects while in groups' option in VW Preferences. I found one here for the line weights toggle that has been great to work with so I am hoping I can get one to toggle this feature as well without having to go into the Preferences dialogue every time. Sadly my office is still using 2008, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any help


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