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  1. This doesn't work for me. I just get a rectangle, even with 'Snap to Geometry' on. VW15 SP1 Fundamentals, Architect
  2. Thanks a lot for this, it's an awesome tool! I had some trouble getting it to work but then I figured out that the locus has to be below the text object in the stacking order. Just select all locii, send to back, and Bob's your uncle.
  3. I have the same problem in VW2008 SP2. Did you find a solution?
  4. I figured out a workaround: The locii are part of a survey DWG file that I have imported. I re-imported it with 'convert all objects to 3D' enabled, so now all the 2D locii are 3D locii. Still, would be interested to see what the script would look like as I would like to learn more about VectorScript.
  5. Hi, Can anyone post a script to convert all 2D locii to 3D locii? I have a survey file with over a thousand 2D locii. I want them to be 3D so I can create a terrain. Each 2D locus has a text box next to it with the height of the point. Would it be possible to tell the script to take the numeric value from each text box and insert it into the Z value of the 3D locus? The script would have to locate the nearest text box to each 2D locus. Might be a bit tricky. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can I call the 'length' of dimension objects from the database into a worksheet? Help says that =LENGTH() can only be used with lines or walls. So I used lines instead, but it would be cool if I could call attributes of the dimensions I have in a viewport. Also, I have given names to the lines I used, in the 'data' pane of the 'object info' palette. How can I call these names from the database? =OBJNAME()?
  7. Don't worry, I figured it out. Just export as DWG then import back into the document. It comes in as a symbol containing stroke as a polyline and fill (hatch) as a group.
  8. is it possible to convert a space back to a poly?
  9. I imported images using relative path setting. Now when I open the file the links are broken. When I edit the link and browse to the correct file I get the following error message: An error occurred while trying to update location information for the referenced file "...". You may have problems referencing resources and layers in this document. I would like to link to my images rather than embedding them in the document, as I don't want to have to re-import them every time they change. The locations of the source and target files have not changed. The links should be fine. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks. (BTW, importing images is rather a clumsy process in VW. It would be great if there was a command to import multiple images in one go, or even - God forbid - drag and drop from the desktop, as in Illustrator CS3.)
  10. Hi, I have a problem with WinDoor 13 in VW08. Something happens to the WinDoor objects; one day they are fine, the next they're not. The problem: When I select a WinDoor object I lose my undos. No changes to any of the parameters of WinDoor objects can be undone. Also, nothing that I've done previous to selecting the WinDoor object can be undone, whether it involves a WinDoor object or not. It's like the undo history is deleted. However, I don't think this is the case, as I don't get the "No undo history" message in the Message Bar when I try to undo. I get a message saying "Undo", but nothing happens except the WinDoor object 'flashes'. Example: If I move a rectangle, and then select a WinDoor object, I cannot undo the move of the rectangle. But if I de-select the WinDoor object, then move the rectangle again, I am able to undo the (second) move of the rectangle. I have tried the following workarounds with no success: - selecting 'Undo' command in 'Edit' menu instead of apple-z - save as to new document - copy WinDoor object into new document The only workaround that works is to delete and re-create all the WinDoor objects in the file, which sucks. I had this happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I re-created all the WinDoor objects and the document was fine - until today, when the problem has recurred. I don't want to have to do this every fortnight! Any help would be greatly appreciated. (NB: The problem is happening with WinDoor objects that are not inserted into walls. I have not noticed the problem with WinDoor objects that are inserted into walls.)
  11. Is there a way to "UN"-link text from records, or do I have to delete the text box and create a new one? I have a text block in a title block. The text block is linked to a record. I want to break the link so the element behaves like a normal text block. Thanks
  12. I have added an image of the speckles (see red boxes). The window frame on the left is a WinDoor 13 object. The window frame on the right is a solid addition. I tried converting it to 3D polygons but that made it worse. I am rendering a viewport with a heliodon light on the layer. The speckles disappear when I switch the light off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Yes, the speckly parts are mostly glass. I suspected the 'comb' effect. Does this phenomenon manifest itself only when faces are exactly co-planar, or does it also happen when faces are merely very close together (eg, 10mm apart)? The image is a VP, but I have checked that there aren't duplicate VPs and that the geometry isn't duplicated either. I will try to post an image but I don't have my own website so I'll have to figure out a way to host it on my employers' website.


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