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  1. 2010 is no longer supported and the issue has probably been fixed for several versions.

    Going from memory the one thing to check is the label legend.

    When you are editing the label legend layout select the text.

    Double Click to edit the text and then set the font attributes.

    Exit text editing and select the text block and then with the text block selected set the font attributes.

    The problem is likely that the individual letters may have different text attributes and you need to set them all to be the same along with the text block itself.

  2. The libraries were divided to support the new Mode Bar Pop-up for the Lighting Instrument and Accessory Insertion tools.

    Dividing them into multiple files allows the pop-up to display the symbols in different groups.

    The mode bar pop-up allows direct access to the defaults as well as the main object library without the need to load the symbols into the resource browser.

  3. The object name must be unique. Check for the name inside of a symbol, a group objects, viewports etc. The custom selection procedure will not be able to select certain types of resources because they are not placed in the document.

    When you place focus points using the focus point tool it remembers the last number used in the dialog and will increment that number.

    When you are duplicating focus points it will ill increment the focus point name of the one you are duplicating till it finds an available name.

    I tested in a simple document and it works correctly for me.

  4. The best way to do this is to create a Gobo texture and place it in a lighting device. You will have to do some math to convert the lens size to an angle for the lighting device. The link provided by rDesign is a good place to start.

  5. Several versions ago we allowed the creation of an unlimited number of labels in the label legend. At that point we needed to eliminated the red and blue bounding box because they did not allow enough space for the users to place the labels.

    Now, all labels shown in the label legend will be displayed.

    If you do not wish to use them you can simply delete the labels or uncheck them when editing the label legend in the label legend manager.

  6. Do the parameters show correctly after resetting the old objects.

    The existing objects need to be reset in order for the the instance to update the OIP correctly.

    A lot of the parameter controls are based on an index number and when the record gets updated the index number changes but the PIO needs to reset so it can set the parameter options based on the new record list. Till this happens it's using the the old index to show/Hide/Enable/Disable parameters.

  7. I would contact tech support directly so they can take a look at the file.

    Often the geometry is missing a fill.

    With symbols the texture is not applied to the symbol container it must be applied to the geometry inside of the symbol.

    If you are not paying attention the texture and other attributes can be applied by class and appear to change or not change depending on how they are applied.

    Without seeing the file all anyone can do is guess.

  8. Anything over 127 is questionable about how it will display or processed by Vectorworks.

    Typically the Mac extended characters works best.

    In general we try to avoid using the extended characters set and often have a test for Mac/Win and use different characters and expose them a plug-in strings.

    We avoid using the extended characters set for things like symbol names because they have caused too many problems over the years and often display very differently depending on the font being used.

  9. All the obsolete functions and replacements are listed here:

    Version Information

    CreateImageControl() and other functions may not be completely deprecated but are just deprecated in the instance you are trying to use them. We can mark a call if it is completely deprecated but if it is still used under certain conditions it remains functional.

    VectorScript is still a valid language and the Python interface to Vectorworks is based on the Vectorscript functions.

    Much of the changes in the resource handling is due to Apple's deprecation of QuickTime.

  10. A .vwr file is actually an uncompressed zip file.

    You should be able to make a folder with a .vwr extension. (I know this works on Windows but on Mac you may have to zip the folder using the command line or another utility but it must NOT be compressed.)

    .png files are just fine.

    Using sub-folders asr optional.

    When you create or update the image control you are going to specify the file using.

    Resource file -> MyCustomResource.vwr

    Image -> xyz.png


    Vectorworks VWR Resource

  11. You can simply edit the definition layer associated with the viewport.

    If you double click on the Viewport it will give you the option to edit the design layer.

    Once on the design layer edit as you would normally.

    The Viewport will automatically update.


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