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  1. Klinzey, I have restored the OIP to its default. Now, if I insert a new instrument and add an accessory, the instrument type of the parent device changes to the accessories information. And when I try to edit that accessory, I still have nothing showing up. To be clear, these are freshly imported fixtures and accessories from the VW library. Josh (thanks Josh) is correct, if I put this fixture into a blank document and add the accessory, everything seems to work properly. But it's hugely problematic if I can't work from existing drawings created in past versions.....what does "start from scratch" even mean in this context? What level of "old drawing" compromises the current file? A theater plan? Lighting positions? This is my first light plot since upgrading to v2022 from v2019. Is v2021 functional?
  2. I'm trying to us the Accessory Edit feature in VW2022 on Mac OS12, but there are a whole host of problems. -When I try to edit, no accessories are visible. This is true regardless of whether NONE, ALL or an individual accessory is selected in the drop down. -Incidentally, the correct names of the accessories don't show up in the drop down, only the name of the parent fixture. That is also what populates to LW. -The parent fixture's device type is set to Static Accessory whenever accessories are added. -The only way to see/adjust an accessory is if I go into the EDIT ACCESSORY view, then add it. However, if I exit and re-enter, it's not visible. -Even when accessories are added inside the EDIT ACCESSORY view, there's no way to turn off their label legends. -I've tried this with my own symbols, and with freshly downloaded symbols from the Vectorworks library. What is going on? COMPULSION PLOT.vwx
  3. @Kevin McAllister Thank you! That does work. As long as the arrows all seem to start in the same place, it lofts properly.
  4. @zoomer, these shapes were all created as you described, by scaling the same elipse in order to maintain the correct direction and number of vertices, etc. @Kevin McAllister, when I do what you've described (grouping circular nurbs, scaling in one direction, ungrouping), I get exactly the same result.
  5. I just tried altering the "circular" oval NURB and it doesn't help. Just makes the distortion more extreme.
  6. The circle is an oval with equal width and height, so it converts with the same number of vertices as the other ovals. If you use a regular circle, it doesn't like to align properly.
  7. If it helps at all, the weirdness shifts depending on which order you select the curves in. Here below are pics of the same 3 curves selected top to bottom vs. bottom to top. I
  8. @jblock, I believe I did in the original post. It's called Loft Problem.vwx.
  9. I use the Loft Surface tool a good bit, but I find it's output to be highly unpredictable. In the photos below, I'm trying to loft a surface from 3 nurbs curves that have been derived from the same original shape (so all are 3-degree curves, all the same direction). When I select them, the path indicated before I hit enter seem correct--it's a curve beginning at one curve, passing through the middle curve, and ending at the last curve. But when I hit enter and go to preview the Loft output, the path changes and now it's as though it's looping around the 3rd curve to connect to the...inside? I'm not sure. If I rotate this whole collection of curves into different 3D orientations, sometimes the extent of that weird looping around changes, even though no change has been made to the relationship between the curves. What the heck is going on? How do I get it to loft me a surface like the initial preview line suggest it should? Loft Problem.vwx
  10. I am running Spotlight 11.5, and i just started having this same issue. Any instrument i move behaves as described by Tim. Channel circle empty and stuck to the center of the unit. Nohting seems to fix it, and it affects any drawing i open, no matter how old. I can't think of anything i have done either within the program or to my system that would have caused any changes. Anyone else with this issue?
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