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  1. I have the same options as Christiaan. There is no option for "double platform-U". Odd that we in the UK should not have the same options as the US/Canada.
  2. Mike, what Christiaan has drawn is dictated by UK Building Regulations, particularly concerning sound attenuation. It really is a very common detail over here.
  3. I set the inner diameter at 100 and the outer diameter at 500. When imported into VW the diameter was 300 ie the centreline of the AutoCAD polyline.
  4. Strange. I just tried importing a load of donuts into VW and they all seem to import fine (as polylines). No circles, and the diameters are all ok. I'm using VWA 12.0.1 on WinXP, so an OS specific issue?
  5. An AutoCAD donut is a closed polyline with user defined width, so remains a polyline in VW. I don't see that there's much you can do except ask the 3rd party not to use donuts?
  6. No, unfortunately you can't use lwa files. I've mentioned this on the wishlist, along with RPC support.
  7. I still use my HP1220 and have had no problems at all with VW12 (yet).
  8. Agree. It would be very useful particularly when using "look alike" panels in ribbon glazing.
  9. LWA and RPC support would be nice. As an Accurender/ADT refugee I now have numerous RPCs which I can no longer use. Also I agree that it could be quicker.
  10. russellhall


    Looks like a radiosity problem. The trim around the windows is the cause, and need to be ecluded from the radiosity solution. At least that's what I think it is based on similar experience with Accurender.
  11. I'm having very similar problems. I've got the masonry cill just about under control, but the brick cill has a mind of it's own. Does this look familiar?
  12. Thanks for the info. At least I know it wasn't me! Cheers Russ
  13. you could try http://www.vectordepot.com/ seems to be quite a lot of stuff there.
  14. GJ Colour 8 is white in AutoCAD.
  15. Hi again sorry if my last post was a bit abrupt, but my patience was exhausted. The nature of the problem is: I need to show a soldier course above a window. It seems sensible to create this using a lintel with angle set to 90 degrees. Unfortunately this crashes VW. Using a value of 89 degrees does work, however. Not ideal but I suppose it'll have to do, unless I'm missing something blindingly obvious? As for the crazy cills, these are the settings I'm using: Sill lip 103, rise 25, depth 50, stool lip 25, stool nose 50. I get this: Also, I find it odd that when incorporating a cill, the structural opening is not increased to take this into account. It's not a problem as such, just an observation. Any help or insight would be much appreciated. I run VWA on 2 PCs: 3.06GHz, 512Ram, 128graphics, Win XP.


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