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  1. Yes, I can get the wall type to edit. I can edit, but cannot get to the OK button which is off the screen at the bottom. I cannot re-size the edit window to reach the button.
  2. When I set up, or try to edit wall types, the OK button is off the bottom of the screen. I am on the limit of resolution of the screen. I cannot save by "enter" on Windows 7. Does anybody know how I can overcome this problem? I am using VW16.
  3. I have not heard anyone complain of the slowness and stickyness of VW2016. Is it only me? I at the moment working with a very large file-1,000,000KB. Why it is so large I don't know. I have stripped the 3d model out but all brick courses are drawn(i.e. not hatch). The same file in 2016 in very sticky. There is always a delay before anything happens. Many upgrades in the past have suffered from this until an fix has appeared on an SP. Will this be the same this time, and if so, when? In the meantime I will have to revert to 2015, but this also is a little sticky because of the size of the file, but not a patch as bad as 2016. On another aspect, is there a positive way of ensuring that a DWG export is exported as hidden line? Many of my recipients complain that all the lines are imported, as they do not use fills. This means that they need to do a lot of editing before the DWG translation becomes useful. In the day of BIM this translation should be seamless, but I may be exporting with the wrong settings. Does anybody have any thoughts/experiences to share? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have just changed computer to a 4 core i7 16 GB RAM and am working on VW2013. As soon as everything was up and running, I was able , on 3D modelling work, switch layer to layer, and all visible layers would also change to that particular view, top plan, front rear isometrics etc. Also all layers would render in OpenGL as one model. Suddenly, all changed. If I change the view of one layer, the others stay as they are and I can only align the layers by the "Align Layer Views" command. I had this in the past, but I thought it was endemic in the programme. I now realise that the automatic changing of all layers and the rendering of all layers at once is feasible. Can anybody please tell me a setting I have inadvertently changed, or has automatically changed by itself or by default.
  5. Thanks Benson, It was something half way in between. Somehow I had produced a class "guides" which I did not produce. Computers!!!!! This had attributes attached. I changed default to another class, tweeked the attributes, and everything is OK for now. However, after working with VW since Minicad 6, I knew nothing about the "Use at Creation" box. One learns day by day, Thanks.
  6. Taoist wrote "Max ram for 32 bit is 4gb. The system uses about 1gb leaving about 3gb for use. Wonder when VW is going to 64 bit (if ever)?" I changed from XP to Windows 7 64 bit, with 16 GB RAM to help me with my rendering programme, (Artlantis). I assumed it would also help me with my VW2013, because it was impossibly slow. See earlier post. This change from XP to Windows 7, although catastrophic in time and energy, saved my sanity in both programmes. My VW2013 now works very well, well up to speed. I was on 4GB RAM before, thus only 3 GB is used. Why suddenly is there a fundamental change in speed, because as I understand it, VW cannot use the other 13GB RAM, still using only 3GB? I can now use VW2013 productively, whereas before , under XP, it was impossible, slow, slow and sticky. Artlantis is also much improved because, as I understand it, it can use a 64 bit platform. I also have a problem at the moment with attributes on a file. It is set to a attribute default of line and fill, but whatever I do, the object I draw, or text, does something entirely different. Does anybody have any thoughts about this problem? New files work as they should.
  7. "Please submit a bug report and attach the file(s) so we can investigate." How do I pass along a file of 92 MB The file works acceptably in VW2012.
  8. Thanks DWorks, I have switched off "Enhanced Navigation Graphics". I had already switched off the hierarchical display option. No improvement at all. Having gone back to VW2012 on the same file all the delay has evaporated.
  9. I am also experiencing ridiculous delays when editing groups, changing layers, viewports etc. 17 to 22 secs each time, which if editing groups is of course times 2- ungroup and group again. This is completely unworkable, so I am also ditching Vectordoesn'twork 2013 until the matter is sorted out. Surely the beta testers must have come across this problem. Nemetschek state than navigation is quicker. I think it is marginally quicker , but only if you don't have to change layers or edit groups or Viewports. Also, I found that the detail option, although very welcome, I have wanted this feature since Minicad6, is very slow and sticky. I have 4MB GB of RAM, but as XP is only 32 bit, this means that only about 3.2MB is available. Are Nemetschek trying to tell us that we have to upgrade to 64bit systems? This means all other programmes on your computer have to be upgraded. The cost!! I am going back to 2012, which also had many initial slownesses.
  10. I can't say that all sluggish problems are over, but I upgraded to a NVidia Quadro FX 580 512MB card, and the usability of VW2012 is much improved and a lot more immediate. Editing groups is good; editing symbols much better, but not perfect; worksheet regen, when there are multiple viewports on the same sheet,is almost acceptable. On the whole I am pleased with the investment, and yes, possibly I should have bitten the bullet and purchased a 1GB board, but I don't use Renderworks. The feedback is, don't try to stagger along with a 256 graphics card. It just leads to frustration.
  11. I have a Nvidia Quadro FX3500, which is only 256mb of GDDR3. I am using 2012 now, and was using 2011. I have Architect but not Render. I will not be using any of the Render features which are hungry for videocard memory. I understand that 256mb is ok unless you use Render. Would 516 mb improve the speed of regen? I obviously don't want to change unless there would be a big improvement.
  12. I have a Nvidia Quadro FX3500, which is only 256mb of GDDR3. I am using 2012 now, and was using 2011. I have Architect but not Render. I will not be using any of the Render features which are hungry for videocard memory. I understand that 256mb is ok unless you use Render. Would 516 mb improve the speed of regen? I obviously don't want to change unless there would be a big improvement.
  13. Thank you both, Tad and Tamsin, for your very quick responses. Both were extremely helpful. The essential part of the push-pull is to be in Layer Plane and to have a tool selected, rectangle, circle etc., before the Automated Working Plane can be instigated. It has worked as promised. A further question however, is how to accurately, to absolute dimension, to place the new part to be extruded in the right place within that face. It all looks so simple on the video. I know that you can revert to Top Plan View etc. within the process, but is there a way in 3D?
  14. I have downloaded the trial version (short) prior to receiving my upgrade to VW2012 via VSS. I am trying the push-pull with Automated Working Plane, using the "\" key to toggle on this. I get a statement saying that "Automated Working plane is not available in current context". I have spent a while trying out this feature, and it has somehow worked for me only once (fleatingly )in 2 hours of trying. There is no help on Help. What is the right context? By the way, 2012 seems to be a lot faster than the very slow regen of 2011, especially Sheet Layers with lots of Viewports on them. This slow regen in 2011, to my mind, was the real problem with 2011, almost a deal breaker. One other aspect on 2011 and 2012 is, what is the difference between Layer Plane and Screen Plane? Again, no mention of Screen Layer in the Help menu. I have battled with this for a year. I have been with VW since Minicad6.
  15. Crosetti, Thanks for your response. I did somewhat you advised, as my object was in 2D not a model in 3D. However the object had a plane attached to it, for some unknown reason. It has solved my problem. Thank you. Thank you also Jonathan Pickup. I will also look to the links you suggest, but I have been using Vectorworks since its Minicad 6 days, and obviously I have to be careful now, in 2011, "planes". Happy New Year to all.
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