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  1. I know but just don't have time to turn them round. Thanks for these will check them out.
  2. Help! Looking for commercial serve-over counters and dairy wall units as 3D cad files for presentation visuals. Can anyone help me out with a link. Thanks!
  3. Working with vectorworks 11.5 and I am trying to find a plug in that will allow me to import the models from google. The sketch up web site only has a version 12 plug-in. Does anyone know where I can get one from or is there another way if getting these models into VW 11.5? Is there another web resource that has free trees and general scene dressing models I can use?
  4. Sorry for adding an additional post after my artlantis export problems but the issues have still not been resolved and now when viewing the model in 3D there are long phantom objects that do not show up in elevation or wire frame and also seem to be the problem with exporting. These are making the program un-usable as commands either do not work or take an age, even to scroll down the screen for example. I have tried re-opening in a different file and re-installing but it is still not working. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  5. will try christiaan, thanks. there seems to be something wrong with entire programme as i am now also getting phantom objects when i view the model in GL - large exrudes that don't show up in wireframe. its running really slow as well..................i just don't know whats up.
  6. no that does not work as the objects have not exported. Good suggestion all the same. the vectorworks export is the problem i think, not the artlantis. i just don't have a clue how to get it back working again i didnt change any setting but VW will no longer link the fills to artlantis colours.
  7. sorry, i have not been using it that long and dont know how to do that.
  8. Any suggestions ? I'm getting really desperate, I think it must be to do with the material-colour correspondence. does anyone know how to import one of these.
  9. fill background colour - its what i have always used but on friday it just stopped working.
  10. sorry for the bad spelling, just read back over the post. is this an artlantis problem i have re-instaled it and still no joy.
  11. when exporting to artlantis in VW 11.5 VW has started to not give anything new i model a name an therefore not export it. when i check the 'materials used in file' in export the have not been given names. anyone know what has caused this a how do i fix it fast! Thanks
  12. thanks alot for these will be a great help. its a pity that the sketch up models don't import to 11.5 but the others are great. thanks again
  13. george, is the 3ds import a plug in to get the ultra3d models into vectorworks11.5?
  14. does this import work for 11.5? i downloaded the V12 plug-in and insaled it but the command does not work
  15. thanks alot for these, will be really useful. any others would be welcome
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