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  1. Thank you Boh; I will check out the data tag tool. Marc
  2. Working with a macbook pro, OS 11.2 VW2020 In the Sketchup app, the text of a callout box will automatically give the square footage (square meters) of the surface that it is touching. Can VW do something similar by which the callout tool can be set to automatically display the area of the surface it is pointed toward? Marc
  3. I am working on a macbook pro with OS 11.2 using VW 2020 SP5 In my design layers, I have a number of layers that stack one above the other as they are supposed to. I make a viewport and drop the viewport into a sheet layer with a title block, and that all works fine. However, once I have that set up, if I go to the Organization panel and choose Visibilities and turn on new layers after the fact, whatever I turn on is in the wrong order, laying on top of all the other layers and blocking it. If I erase that viewport and make a new one with all the layers turned on as I need them, it works fine in the viewport. The problem is with turning on and off layers in the Organization palette after the fact. Any idea what could be going wrong?
  4. I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2020 on a macbook pro OS 11.2. I live and work in Japan and often interface with Japanese language. Overall I have had no problem with that but recently when I imported a dxf file that an architect sent to me, all the Japanese text was corrupted. Is there a way to specify the language or font of a dxf import so the Japanese language imports correctly?
  5. Pat, Andy; Thank you for the tips. Now I understand how to use this feature a lot better. Marc
  6. I am working with a macbook pro OS 11.1 and VW 2020. I want to change the date in the title block of certain sheets in my project, but not all the sheets. Using the Object Info palette, I see there is Project Data and Sheet Data, and it seems things on the Sheet Date (like the sheet title) can change sheet by sheet, but things on the Project Date change globally. The strange thing is that there is a Date field in both Project Data and Sheet Data. In my case, changing the date in the Project Data changes the date on all sheets, and changing the date in Sheet Date does nothing. Why are there two date fields in Project Data and Sheet Data? Is it possible to change the date on individual sheets? Marc
  7. I am using VW 2017 on a macbook pro using OS 10.12.6. Does anyone know if VW 2017 will still work if I upgrade to the latest mac OS 10.14? Marc
  8. Thank you Kevin. If only every answer was so painless! Marc
  9. The way VW is set up, to move a selected object, one can use command + shift + the arrow keys. I would prefer to change that to just command + arrow keys (I think that is the way it used to be?) How can we edit command keys? I can't see how to do that in the workspace editor. Marc
  10. OK. I see. Answered my own question. In order to Export, one needs to open the Resource file found in the Vectorworks folder > Libraries > ..... One can Export when the Resource file is opened, and Import when the Working file is opened.
  11. Thank you for the links. Actually I have watched all the Landmark video tutorials and also checked the Knowledge Base and also Vectorworks help. I found nothing that addressed this issue in the first two, and in VW help I found this: To export resources: 1. In the Resource Browser, select the resource(s) to export. 2. Select Export from the Resources menu. However, when I select a resource in the Resource Browser and then go to the Resources menu, there are 6 choices: View As; Show Object Types; Find Resource; New Resource in...(file name); Import; and Reference. There is no "Export" choice available. Is there a different Resource Browser somewhere else that has Export? (I am trying to export plant symbols from Plant Objects in the Resource browser to my User Folder so they will be always available in my Plant tool.) Marc
  12. When I import a new plant symbol, I go to the Resource Browser, right-click (mac) on a plant symbol, choose Import, and a new window opens called Import Symbol(s). In the new window there are two radio buttons: Preserve Folder Hierarchy and Select Destination Folder. If I choose the former the destination is fixed. If I choose the latter, the only choice I am given is the file I am actually working on at that time. Nowhere do I see how I could choose the User folder or Workgroup folder. How can I select that as a destination folder? Marc
  13. I understand how to import a new plant symbol using the Resource Browser from the Plant Object file into the VW file I am working on. But how do I make that new plant symbol a default symbol so it will be available in all future VW files instead of just the one I am working on now? Marc
  14. The experience of using the Plant Tool is hampered by the need to do a number of manual processes to link the VW database of plants with a plant symbol ? work that should be done by the computer itself. Presently, one places a symbol on a page (a generic ornamental tree for instance) and then must assign a plant definition to the symbol. VW provides a database of thousands of possible plants, which is excellent, but in order to link the symbol with the specific plant definition, the user must open secondary windows, make a duplicate of the generic symbol, search through various databases (trees, shrubs, ground covers etc are all separate requiring separate loading), and link a specific plant to the generic symbol creating a plant specific symbol. There is no need to create duplicate "plant-specific" symbols and there is a much better way to assign a plant definition to a symbol, as follows. Plant Symbols: All that are needed are 20 or so generic symbols: Deciduous tree, deciduous shrub, coniferous tree, coniferous shrub, etc. There is no need to take the generic deciduous tree symbol and create a duplicate plant-specific symbol for a Betula nigra, and another for a Betula nigra 'Heritage' and another for a Betula nigra 'Cully' ad infinitum. All that is needed is to link new plant definitions to generic symbols. The information that appears in the Plant Tag and in the Object Information palette will change, but there is no need to make an entirely new symbol, otherwise one must make hundreds or thousands of new symbols for every possible plant and that becomes impossibly unwieldy. Linking Symbols and Definitions: The present system requires that one clicks the plant tool, and then opens a separate Plant Settings window (always inefficient to have to open new windows), then open a SECOND new window to get to edit the definition then open a THIRD new window to get plant data from the VW plant database! This whole process is slow, and inefficient and feels like a throw-back to an earlier age of computers. The Ideal: When you search for a item on the Amazon website, a song on iTunes (both of which have databases that are MUCH larger than VW plant database), one simply types the name of what one is looking for and as one types, suggestions for what you are looking for appear as a scroll window under the window you are typing in. VW should do the same thing. You choose the plant tool. Immediately a small window appears and as you type the plant ID or the botanical name or the common name, a list of possible suggestions appears. Within a second you have found your plant in the database (trees, shrubs, groundcovers all together) and linked it to a generic symbol. Summary: The method of assigning a specific plant definition to a generic plant symbol in VW is antiquated. The computer should do the hard work of linking the large database of plants to generic plant symbols in the above manner, which would greatly improve the overall fluidity and efficiency of the VW experience.


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