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  1. I use a user field in Lightwright for that. Its not perfect but I dont tend to want the mode on the drawing myself. And for fixtures that can have several settings in addtion to the mode, having, what is essentially a text field, I can add in as much or as little information as I like.
  2. I'd want the base to be automated to give me big broad counts, with other cells able to be directly editable. In the past, I've used excel myself. I just figured there had to be a way in VWX. And to make my spares lists, I tend to put in formulas. For example, in a ballroom with fixed eye bolts in the ceiling, for every motor, I can add Shackle # = (motor number) x 5 Gack flex # = (motor) x 2.25 {rounded to the next whole} Spanset # + (motor) x 0.75 {rounded to the next whole} etc.
  3. Thanks gents. Can I ask, how do you make your gearlists? Do you use VWX at all? Or is it just easier to export into something else?
  4. I've been using lightwright for as long as I've been using VWX so its never come up before. BUT.... Now I need to get VWX to be able to do a "counts" sheet without the help of LW. Essentially a gear list that can be slung to the rental house. I want to make a report that give me a quantity of each of the fixture types in my show so I can make a rental gear list. As it is, I just have a template that has each item listed but I have to manually enter the quantities. Of I can get VWX to count the instruments but then I have to take that number and enter it on the appropriate line. And as for cable, I have no idea how to get a count in. Ideally, I'd like VWX to work like an excell spreadsheet and give me a formula like "lookup the text in the cell to the left, count that quantity, multiply it by 1.15 (for spares), round up to the nearest whole number." Is this even a possibility? Anyone have any basic templates they wouldn't mind demonstrating? Or maybe there's a far better way to achieve this?
  5. Thanks Pat! That was really helpful. As it happens, you lead me to look for row three, which, when revealed had a drop down that gave me access to the end label. And good point. Worth reporting the bug, though I've never bothered in the past. Where and to whom do I report it? And thanks again. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi folks, Trying to make a worksheet report that includes the start and end label but it seems that the end label isnt an option. Is there another menu where I can select perameters to add? Being able to make a document that I can hand off to crew to make install is a big deal. Labels for both ends matter... *Sorry for the dodgy photos...
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