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  1. We have been able to duplicate the bug internally, though have been unsuccessful resolving the issue thus far.
  2. Unfortunately, this is a current system limitation and the line thickness requires a range between 0.03 and 6.48mm. I can definitely submit an enhancement request for future consideration. Making changes in this area may have larger ramifications and not as simple as adjusting the values. Careful considerations will have to be made. Curious, for what type of lasers are you creating output? The laser/software specifically requires .025mm line thickness? What kind of file are you exporting?
  3. @mjmThis is a known issue with some laptop users. You'll want to turn off Automatic graphic switching in your Battery settings for now.
  4. I believe this may be fixed in a future update. In the meantime, check the Computer's Regional settings. You may encounter this issue if the regional settings are set to, English (World) and English (Europe).
  5. Are you able to Sign-In, in the upper-right of Vectorworks, once the application has launched? If no, what happens? Is this 2022 SP2.1? Mac or Windows?
  6. Hmm, interesting. Are there any special characters in the name of the harddrive?
  7. We have a report where installing to an external drive, "Mac Data" fails, however, "Mac_Data" succeeds. Perhaps its different for internal drives? @Tismacfan.Does this computer have two drives by chance, one smaller drive for the OS and a larger drive for everything else?
  8. Does the name of the hard drive, have a space in its name? Try removing any spaces and see if that resolves the issue?
  9. @Tismacfan.Can you share a video? We received a similar report yesterday from a macOS 11.6 user and this may have nothing to do with Monterey, maybe just M1?
  10. Some users are reporting Vectorworks' main menu stops responding, mostly seen on laptops. Simply closing and reopening the lid, can temporarily correct the issue or going to your computer's System Preferences > Battery and turn off, "automatic graphics switching", then restart the computer.
  11. If you're having issues with the main Vectorworks menu not functioning, closing and reopening the laptop lid, can temporarily resolve the issue. You can also try going to your computer's System Preferences > Battery and turn off, "automatic graphics switching", then restart the computer. This is something we're continuing to investigate and test possible resolutions.
  12. Wesley, I'll contact you off the list to gather some additional information.
  13. There are indications that macOS 12.1 resolves the multiple monitor issue, where the SaveAs and Export dialogs failed to display in Vectorworks 2021/2022. Some Adobe products were having the same issue. Waiting for further confirmation from the Vectorworks community, as we were unable to duplicate in-house.
  14. We're hearing rumbles that the public release of Monterey macOS 12.1, may resolve the SaveAs and Export dialogs, failing to display issue in Vectorworks 2021/2022. If you update to mac OS 12.1, please keep us updated. Pulled from another article on the subject: Adobe listed this same problem with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign: “Sometimes the Save, Save As, and Export dialogs may not appear when an external display (via a USB-C Thunderbolt cable) or an iPad (via Sidecar) is plugged in. To display the dialogs, temporarily unplug the external display or sidecar. "
  15. No, I don't believe the two are related, even it multiple displays are being used.
  16. Difficult to say at this point and something to consider.
  17. We have been unable to duplicate in-house, making this issue difficult to resolve at the moment. We may contact you off the list for more information.
  18. Do you use a second display or eGPU? If so, does disconnecting the second display or eliminating the eGPU resolve the issue?
  19. @strYes, I have worked with a couple users from the forum independently and turning off, "automatic graphics switching" has help them also. Thanks for the additional confirmation!
  20. This is the first I've heard of this issue. I gave this some quick testing and was unable to duplicate. I checked on design layers, rotated plan, sheet layers, viewport annotations, inside multiple views, and whiled editing a group/symbol. Can you tell us more about your setup? What Mac are you running and video card if it applies. If you run multiple monitors, do you see the same issue when using a single monitor?
  21. Excellent @maxwellmeek! Thank you for trying and this gives us a great starting point for our investigation.
  22. @maxwellmeekOut of curiosity, could you temporally set the Language and Region operating system option to, "English (United States) restart the computer if necessary and see if it resolves the issue? Thanks!
  23. @maxwellmeekCould you tell us what Language & Region setting you're using on Windows?
  24. The driver update could be suspect, though odd you would be crashing in the same manner of resizing the windows. You should be able to roll back the driver, to see if it makes a difference? We now have a Knowledge Base article on the subject. It may be necessary to uninstall the applications causing the conflict vs. disabling the application.
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